Bathroom vanities provide the bathroom space with a lot more convenience and storage space. A rustic bathroom vanity offers a warm, inviting and rough-edged décor that makes your bathroom space have an outdoor feel yet something which is so comforting because of certain designs that have a natural surface finish with an outdoor kind of approach. Below is a list of some of the most breathtaking rustic bathroom vanity designs as follows:

Small Rustic Bathroom Vanity

small rustic bathroom vanity

This is a small rustic bathroom featuring an oak wood countertop wherein sits a flashy white sink with dual faucets. Right below are the racks which are used as a vanity for storage of bathroom essentials. It features warm-toned light fixtures and a mirror with wooden framing.

Diy Rustic Bathroom Vanity

diy rustic bathroom vanity

This is a pretty looking rustic bathroom vanity which is a DIY one! It features a square mini sized mirror which is placed above the vanity with beautiful rustic gold design border. The rustic vanity features drawers on both the sides with a center opening where shelves and bathroom essentials are stored.

Antique Rustic Bathroom Vanity

antique rustic bathroom vanity

This is an antique beach style bathroom vanity in a medium tone wood. The vanity is a small one with a built in round sink attached. It contains several drawers and pulls out shelves for storage. The color and material of the vanity add to the look and feel of the bathroom.

Rustic Black Bathroom Vanity

rustic black bathroom vanity

This is a rustic black bathroom which features black vanity with natural stone that is a granite countertop and features faded black rectangular sinks with a Zig zag pattern above. The lights add to the warmth and intensity of this bathroom, the bathroom has been designed with functionality even in a small space. You can also see Modern Bathroom Vanity & Cabinet Ideas

Rustic Corner Bathroom Vanity

rustic corner bathroom vanity

This is a traditional bathroom blended with modernity that is why the interiors of the bathroom are all white with a white mini vanity and a rustic wood countertop. It also features a small bench before the vanity whose top is made of wooden. The flooring is a fantasy black that adds to the rustic look of the space.

Rustic Country Bathroom Vanity

rustic country bathroom vanity

This is a gorgeous eclectic bathroom with a rustic countryside theme. The bathroom features a very large vanity with several drawers wherein sit two sinks with faucets. It contains interesting décor items such as the light fixtures, open shelves etc all in a rustic theme.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Vanity

rustic wood bathroom vanity

This is a contemporary bathroom with a rustic wood bathroom vanity which features a brownish countertop made with steel and sealed with wax. There are several wood variations in the cabinets which range from colors like beige and brown. Right above the mirror are light fixtures that add the perfect warmth to the bathroom.

Gray Rustic Bathroom Vanity

gray rustic bathroom vanity

This is a beautiful rustic bathroom with gray colored vanity which is a pretty huge one. It contains lots of drawers and pull-out shelves. It has a very interesting backsplash in patterned gray which is also called as the matchstick pattern and contains bordered mirrors with two side lamps attached on both sides.

Rustic Floating Bathroom Vanity

rustic floating bathroom vanity

This rustic bathroom has a floating vanity in a lovely brownish hue with a glossy brown countertop. It has two rectangular sinks with three faucets on each of the side. It has two beautiful mirrors with light fixtures that add a warm and earthy effect to the bathroom space.

Rustic Double Bathroom Vanity

rustic double bathroom vanity

This is a contemporary bathroom with a rustic theme and has a double vanity in a faded brown wood. Featuring a large mirror with brown borders, it matches perfectly well with the bathroom vanity. The décor of this bathroom is strictly minimalist with a few light fixtures.

Rustic Bathroom Floating Vanity

rustic bathroom floating vanity

Design by Jordan Iverson

Rustic Bathroom Natural Wood Floating Vanity

rustic bathroom natural wood floating vanity

Design by Kevin Transue

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Wall Mirror Idea

rustic bathroom vanity wall mirror idea

Rustic Master Bathroom Vanity Design

rustic master bathroom vanity design

Rustic Bathroom Hardwood Vanity

rustic bathroom hardwood vanity

Design by Chalet

Rustic Stone Bathroom Vanity Design

rustic stone bathroom vanity design

Black Countertop Rustic Bathroom Vanity

black countertop rustic bathroom vanity

To add a rustic appeal to your bathroom, consider adding a rustic finished vanity which is sure to up the rustic factor in the bathroom space. Also, additional accessories such as light fixtures, paint color, wall frames etc add the much-needed warmth to the bathroom.

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