Shelves provide a handy space in your bathroom allowing you to keep the items you frequently need within your reach and those you do not often use up and out of your way. Bathroom shelves provide adequate storage for towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Wooden Furnished Bathroom Shelves

wooden furnished bathroom shelves

Classy Bright Bathroom Shelves

classy bright bathroom shelves

Pretty Cool Bathroom Shelves

pretty cool bathroom shelves

There is a wide variety of bathroom shelf design styles from which you can choose the one that will best suit your bathroom. The shelves are made from materials such as simple, stylish and glass, practical and sturdy polypropylene, with fittings of stainless steel. You can go for the three layer triangular corner shelves as well as single or double shelves to help you utilize the wall space in your bathroom.

Dark Stylish Bathroom Shelves

dark stylish bathroom shelves

Classic Cabinets and Glass Bathroom Shelves

classic cabinets and glass bathroom shelves

White Contemporary Bathroom Shelves

white contemporary bathroom shelves

Shabby Chic Decor Bathroom Shelves

shabby chic decor bathroom shelves


For smaller bathrooms, having a limited floor space, you can have wall mount shelves. For such bathrooms, smaller units are perfect for them as it will only take a few inches of space. Larger wall mounts shelves can have more than one shelf for you to store everything from hair dryers to hand towels.

Stunning Blue Bathroom Shelves

stunning blue bathroom shelves

NWC Construction

Custom Glass Bathroom Decor Shelves

custom glass bathroom decor shelves

Transitional Glass Bathroom Shelves

transitional glass bathroom shelves

Side Line Wooden Bathroom Shelves

side line wooden bathroom shelves

Dawna Jones Design

Stylish Decor Bathroom Shelves

stylish decor bathroom shelves


Small Rustic Bathroom Shelving

small rustic bathroom shelving

Lulu Designs

Floating Spa Like Bathroom Shelves

floating spa lik bathroom shelves1

Lori Carroll and Associates

Wide Wooden Bathroom Shelves

wide wooden bathroom shelves


Spacious Bathroom Cabinet With Glass Shelves

spacios bathroom cabinet with glass shelves

White Floating Bathroom Shelves

white floating bathroom shelves

Upward Bound House - Carlo Rio

Hanging Wooden Bathroom Shelves

hanging wooden bathroom shelves


Amazing Master Bathroom Shelves

amazing master bathroom shelves

Flat Wooden Bathroom Shelves

flat wooden bathroom shelves

Topmost Glass Bathroom Shelves

topmost glass bathroom shelves

Decor Floating Bathroom Shelves

decor floating bathroom shelves


Comfy Bathroom Wooden Shelves

comfy bathroom wooden shelves

Contemporary Bathroom Shelves

contemporary bathroom shelves

Modern Bathroom Shelves Designs

modern bathroom shelves designs

Some bathroom shelves have towel racks built in them to give your bathroom an outstanding cohesive look. You can go for a shelf that stands on the floor behind your toilet if you want to save more space. These shelves are taller and fit around your fixture minimizing space on the ground, making sure that everything is within your reach.

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