Bathroom shelf is a concise area in your bathroom where you can save your toiletries that you require every day for your personal refreshment. Earlier bathroom fixtures viz. towel holders, metal railings, soap holders were made of brass which gave a vintage, refined look to your bathroom. Bathroom shelves were made of wood with brass knobs.

Celebrity Bathroom With Built-In Bookshelves

celebrity bathroom with built in bookshelves

Contemporary Bathroom Shelf Design

contemporary bathroom shelf design

Narrow Bathroom Shelf Design

narrow bathroom shelf design

In recent times bathroom shelves are made of various other materials viz. glass, fiber and even stainless steel apart from wood. This is due to economic and space problems that dwellers of apartments encounter. Modern bathroom shelves are designed in a way that maximum space can seized out of it without disturbing the interior beautification of the space.

Midcentury Bathroom Shelf Design

midcentury bathroom shelf design

Traditional Bathroom with Shelf

traditional bathroom with shelf design

Bright White Bathroom with Shelve

bright white bathroom with shelf design

Modern Shelf Design in Bathroom

modern shelf design in bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom with Elegant Shelves

contemporary bathroom with elegant shelves

A bathroom shelf is meant for saving your time and energy at every morning rush hour. There are sink cabinets, mirror cabinets, counter tops with drawers and other storage units that enable you keep your essentials organized for everyday use. Since wood is a costly material, now bathroom shelves are made of glass, fiber and even steel. They come in designs that are easy to handle and demand less maintenance.

Gray Bathroom with Shelf Design

gray bathroom with shelf design

Contemporary Bathroom with Glassy Shelves

contemporary bathroom with glassy shelves

Nice Bathroom with Wall Shelves

nice bathroom with wall shelves

Traditional Bathroom with Descent Shelves

traditional bathroom with desent shelves

Asian Bathroom with Nice Wooden Ledge

asian bathroom with nice wooden shelves

Colorful Bathroom with White Cupboard

colorful bathroom with white shelves

Designed by Carlo Rios

Vibrant White Bathroom Shelves

vibrant white bathroom shelves

Bathroom with Elegant Blue Shelves Design

bathroom with elegant blue shelves design

NWC Construction

Modern White Bathroom with Rack Design

modern white bathroom with shelves design

Wooden Modern Bathroom Shelves

wooden modern bathroom shelves

Simple Contemporary Bathroom with Shelve Design

simple contemporary bathroom with shelve design

Beach Style Bathroom with Shelves Design

beach style bathroom with shelves design

Bathroom With Modern Wooden Shelves

bathroom with modern wooden shelves

Designed by Design-Build Firms

Contemporary Bathroom with Beautiful Cupboards

contemporary bathroom with beautiful shelves

Vibrant Orange Bathroom with Glass Counter

vibrant orange bathroom with glass shelevs

Ravishing Black Bathroom with Shelves

ravishing black bathroom with shelves

While selecting bathroom shelf the things that you need to take into account are- purpose, space, budget, quality and suitability.

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