Shower curtains play an indispensable part of home decor as it sheers up your environment and at the same time ensures a cozy seclusion to you. Choosing the right curtain for your modern bathroom design gives you an opportunity to create a beautiful theme inside your bathroom. It is a very traditional concept and earlier, curtains were mostly made of polyester fabric with pastel shades. You can also make a curtain all by yourself if you have an unused piece of cloth at your home.

Contemporary Bathroom With Brown Mosaic Curtain Design

contemporary bathroom with brown mosaic curtain design

Blue Bathroom With Striped Walls and Ruffled Curtains

blue bathroom with striped walls and ruffled curtains

Small Bathroom and White Chevron Curtain Idea

small bathroom and white chevron curtain design

Photo by Pure Design Interiors

In these days, bathroom curtains are very much in vogue with different innovative motifs on the exterior. The best thing about a shower curtain is you can make it yourself without much effort and time. Geometric motifs are very trendy and they add plops of color to your bathroom. For that you can stitch pieces of colorful cloth on the curtain and make some abstract motifs.

Sharp Black and Yellow Bathroom With Curtains

sharp black and yellow bathroom with curtains design

Photography by Daniel Collopy

White Curtains in White Bathroom

white bathroom with white curtain design

Small Bathroom With Lavender Print Shower Curtain Idea

small bathroom with lavender print shower curtain design

Neutral Small Bathroom with Shower Curtain Design

neutral small bathroom with shower curtain design

Photo By: H. Camille Smith

White Chevron Shower Curtain in Bathroom

white chevron shower curtain in bathroom design

Various types of curtains can be made to make your bathing zone look interesting and invigorating. You can make a shower curtain for your bathroom which is chic yet classy; go for a black and white striped combination. If you want a complex pattern on your curtain you can make ruffles with various fabrics and arrange them on your curtain based on the darkness of shades.

Beautiful Curtain in Traditional Bathroom

traditional bathroom beautiful curtain design

Farmhouse Bathroom with Nice Curtain Form

farmhouse bathroom with nice curtain design

Bright White Curtain Designed Bathroom

bright white curtain design bathroom

Beach Style Bathroom with Pattern Curtains

beach style bathroom with pattern curtain design

Small Bathroom with Green Pattern Curtain

small bathroom with green pattern curtain design

Nice Bathroom with Bright White Curtain Design

nice bathroom with bright white curtain design

Beach Style Bathroom with Colorful Curtain

beach style bathroom with colorful curtain design

Traditional Bathroom Flora Design Curtains

traditional bathroom flora design curtains

Traditional Bathroom Colorful Flora Curtain Design

traditional bathroom colorful flora curtain design

Contemporary Bathroom with Elegant White Curtain Idea

contemporary bathroom with elegant white curtain design

Eclectic Bathroom with Descent White Curtain

eclectic bathroom with desent white curtain design

While planning for renovation, you should consider your purpose, budget and elegance for a completely wondrous bathroom remodeling.

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