Whether the space allotted for your bathroom is big or small, practical designs always help to create a functional area with a lot of storage solutions. With the right blend of style, colours, textures and patterns, your bathroom can act as the perfect retreat after a long day at work.

In order to make every square inch count, we have today put together a list of 10 bathroom decor ideas that will not just improve your bathing experience but also enhance the beauty of your home.

1. Retro Charm

retro charm


Go the retro route by including antiques, Baroque mirror and French limestone vanity. These antique inclusions will help to build a fantasy charm and bring a factor of timelessness with the simple yet ageless additions.

2. Farmhouse Style Bathroom

farmhouse style bathroom


Instead of going for the conventional glass cabinet doors opt for something more rustic like the chicken wired cabinets. Stack your fresh towels and other daily needed items in the cabinet. The style is not just unusual but also carries the convenience of being able to see where you have kept the required pieces.

3. Color Pop Bathroom

color pop bathroom


If you are looking to add some colour to your bathroom, try and go with a soft feminine shade of pink. Try and include the colour smartly for bringing a rosy charm to your bathroom. You can start with simple and minimal additions like adding a pink towel, vase or candle. You can also try and add a cheerful curtain to change the look of your entire bathroom.

4. Tiled Bathroom

tiled bathroom

Mark Williams Design

Tiles have been a favourite for quite some time now and if you are willing to experiment with the material, try and add a colourful design combination. The design with a subtle and impressive contrast will help to bring an instant makeover to your space.

5. Natural Wood Shiplap

natural wood shiplap


If you love the look of wood, adding the material to the bathroom is one way to bring a class to your space. Compliment the wooden look with brass fittings and white marble. You can also give a wooden frame to window panes for extending the look of wood towards the natural source of light.

6. Deep Blue

deep blue


If you are looking for a colour theme to add to your bathroom, we would suggest you go with deep blue. Trending and polished, the colour can help to bring a modern upgrade to your regular bathroom. Try and add a white farmhouse sink and brass fittings to compliment the sophisticated yet colourful look.

7. Nautical Vibe

nautical vibe


Having a nautical feeling attached to your bath space is sure a comfortable insertion. If you don’t want everything to feel and look blue try and contrast the look of blue with wood or cane. Go with blue towels and wicker baskets for storing the utilities. You can even include a wooden stool and brass rods for hanging the towels.

8. Colonial Style Bathroom

colonial style bathroom


If you have small bathroom space, one way to make the most of it is by designing it the colonial way. Try and include a small low height sink with a simple rectangle framed mirror. Add a painting or two of your choice and you will be done with the first step in decorating your space.

9. Glamorous Bathroom Design

glamorous bathroom design


If budget is not a constraint then go the extravagant route by adding an elegant crystal chandelier above your minimal and sophisticated bathtub in the centre of the bathroom. Make use of natural light by including large windows and a statement work of art that accentuates the beauty of the space.

10. Bohemian Style Bathroom

bohemian style bathroom

Trevor Tondro

If your home holds a touch of Bohemian, then don’t shy away from letting your bathroom reflect the same with impressive and punch filled block printed tiles or carpet. Bring in a personal decorative piece that adds on to the charm of your bathing space. Add an antique and rusty wooden table to store your things and compliment it with a minimally styled stool.

Let not your space define your decor choices. Enhance with the best you have and enjoy your bathroom just like an at-home-spa.

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