Homes with basements come with the advantage of having an extra living space that can be put into use in a myriad of ways. One of the cool things that you can do with this extra space is by designing in it. There’s a plethora of possibilities for creating a spectacular basement bathroom design.

Modern Contemporary Bathroom Basement Design

modren contemporary bathroom basement design

Beautiful Basement Bathroom Design

beautiful basement bathroom design

Contemporary Bathroom Basement Idea

contemporary bathroom basement design

If space is a limiting factor, then going simple can help. In such a case, a powder house with impressive features such as gorgeous tiled walls and a chic sink can make the room quite captivating. This is a great design to consider when you intend your basement to basically serve as an entertaining space.

Awesome White Bathroom Basement Plan

awesome white bathroom basement design

Trendy Basement Bathroom Design

trendy basement bathroom design

Elegant Basement Bathroom Design

elegant basement bathroom design

Industrial Bathroom Basement Design

industrial bathroom basement design

A luxurious full bathroom design is ideal for a basement serving the purpose of a guest suite or bedroom. Fitting such a bath with a walk-in shower and a curved front sink can make it very luxurious.

Bathroom Basement with Laundry Room

bathroom basement with laundry room

Dazzling Basement Bathroom Model

dazzling basement bathroom design

Beautiful Black Basement Bathroom

beautiful black basement bathroom

Nice Vault Bathroom Design

nice basement bathroom design

Modern Bathroom Basement

modern bathroom basement design

Awesome Contemporary Bathroom Basement

awesome contemporary bathroom basement

Eclectic Basement Bathroom Design

eclectic basement bathroom design

Modern White Bathroom Basement Plan

modern white bathroom basement design

Pattern Basement Bathroom Design

pattern basement bathroom design

Ravishing White Basement Bathroom

ravishing white basement bathroom design

Jane Vorbrodt – Architecture

Transitional Bathroom Basement Plan

transitional bathroom basement design

Retro Style Basement Bathroom Design

retro style basement bathroom design

Beach Style Basement Bathroom Decor Idea

beach style basement bathroom design

Renovation Modern Basement Bathroom

renovation modern basement bathroom design

White Basement Bathroom Design

white basement bathroom design

Modern Traditional Basement Bathroom Layout

modern traditional basement bathroom design

Tropical Basement Bathroom Design

tropical basement bathroom design

Black Modern Basement Bathroom

black modern basement bathroom design

A design with a step stool fitted in it is ideal for a basement bathroom to be used by children as this will enable them to reach the sink with ease.  Designs with stone tiled floors and walls are quite popular as they are resistant to water, easier to clean and long lasting.

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