Make your space look interesting with stylish ceiling tile designs. The variety of designs, patterns and colors can add a strong visual aid that can turn the room into a stylish setting that has character and can stand for many occasions, formal and not. If you think that a remodel is past due, then you should check out the many different options you have while using the following collection as a guide for ceiling tiles. You may also See Drop Ceiling Tiles Designs

Drop Ceiling Tiles

drop ceiling tiles

Custer Design Group

Drop ceiling tiles are easy to install since they are laced on a grid below your ceiling. You can use a fantastic tile design or simple one in order hide pipes and cables with the most stylish designs.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

decorative ceiling tiles

Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc.

Decorative tiles are going to make your ceiling a focal point. You can choose any design that appeal on your personal tastes while the color can either follow the room’s color scheme or lead it in a bold and outgoing statement.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

metal ceiling tiles

Erika Bierman Photography

Metal might be the last thing that crosses your mind when it comes to ceiling designs, however the results are going to leave you speechless. You can find amazing designs of metal tiles that you can adorn your ceiling with.

Basement Ceiling Tiles

basement ceiling tiles

Melyssa Robert Designer

Bring character and style in your remodel using ceiling tiles. Accentuate the existing style with a beautiful design and enjoy every minute you spend in the basement. A great choice if your want to remodel this space into stylish rooms.

Commercial Ceiling Tiles

commercial ceiling tiles

Morning Star Builders LTD

From offices to bars you will find a great selection of commercial tiles to use. The designs are incorporated in many styles giving you many ideas on how to style the space. The materials and color combinations will look fantastic.

Bathroom Ceiling Tiles

bathroom ceiling tiles1

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

For the bathroom you have to find tiles that are both stylish and resistant to humidity. Other than that you have to be conscious of the size of the room before you choose because it can look overwhelming with elaborate designs.

Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

kitchen ceiling tiles

Laine M. Jones Design

Rustic metals, white Styrofoam and doilies feature the most in kitchen ceiling designs. You can find incredible tiles in every style in order to add a strong visual décor that looks breathtaking. You can choose the color to match the kitchen. You may also See Bathroom Ceiling Designs

Vintage Ceiling Tiles

vintage ceiling tiles

Morning Star Builders LTD

Vintage tiles have a 3D quality that makes them popular among many homeowners around the world. Suitable for every room inside the house as well as outdoor spaces, you can choose a doilies design that will look classic.

Modern Ceiling Tiles

modern ceiling tiles

New York Shower Door

Combine different materials in order to achieve a modern look. The variety of designs and finishes is going to make it hard to choose the design you like the most for your space and make your ceilings look interesting.

Office Ceiling Tiles

office ceiling tiles

Collaborative Design Group-Architects & Interiors

For corporate office ceilings you can choose a simple commercial design or a 3D one to express creativity and elegance. For your home office you can choose any design you like incorporating style and character.

Rustic Ceiling Tiles

rustic ceiling tiles

Rusty metal is going to help you achieve a rustic style for your ceiling. There are many tile designs that fall under the rustic style and can give you exactly what you need with style and outgoing personality.

Outdoor Ceiling Tiles

outdoor ceiling tiles

Hiland Hall Turner Architects, P.A.

Make your deck look fantastic with the right tile design. You can choose a decorative one with elaborate elements and creative décor or you can go for a simple design for a sophisticated approach.

Garage Ceiling Tiles

garage ceiling tiles

The Garage Guy

From wood tiles to mix and match tin designs you can find the right choice for your garage. Say goodbye to boring garage ceilings with a creative tile combination that will make it look incredible. You may also See Bathroom Tile Designs

The various ceiling designs can give you a different look and feel depending on the style as well as the room’s layout. You can go for a modern style with minimalist designs or you can go all out with a glamorous and all time classic one of more traditional styles.

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