Every homeowner wants to have their windows to provide the perfect gateway to the outdoors. Sometimes, it’s about making the indoor space as bright as a sunny morning and sometimes it’s about a cooler ambiance. However, to make this happen, you will need to power up your windows with some special features. Ranging from curtains to adjustable shutters, there are several ways to take control of the amount of sun you allow in through the window. Check out the various ways you can turn the different parts of your household into a fresh breathing space. You may also see Elegant Window Treatment Ideas

Kitchen Window Treatments

A kitchen would be a space where you would want enough daylight to come through but would also want to put guard against dust, wind, and insects. The best way to spruce up your kitchen window will thus involve largely fixed curtains and shutters that will just allow light to pass through and also give you opportunity to adjust its intensity. You may also see Window Designs

Traditional Kitchen Window Treatment

traditional kitchen window treatment


Bathroom Window Treatments

With bathrooms, the main concern is privacy. You certainly wouldn’t want a large window that opens up in your backyard while you are going about your intimate affairs. A small window space, high up in the bathroom would be a perfect choice and the treatment you incorporate can be a rather fixed arrangement.

master bathroom window treatment


Modern Window Treatments

Depending on the type of modern window arrangement you have, you can opt for several types of materials and functionalities. Curtains go well with both glass and wooden windows but you might also think in the lines of shutters to achieve more control over the natural elements. You may also see Living Room Window Designs

Modern Living Room Window Treatment

modern living room window treatment

Photo by Cynthia Lynn

Bedroom Window Treatments

Bedrooms are the place where the ambience needs to keep in changing. At night, you would want complete privacy but during the day, you would also want it to be well lit and ventilated. Go for automatic shutters that give you a high range of control.

Beautiful Bedroom Window Treatment

beautiful bedroom window treatment


Living Room Window Treatments

Depending upon your living room layout and construction, the living space is supposed to be well lit. Most home owners would love to make maximum use of day lighting and thus have big sized windows with beautiful curtains and drapes. You may also see Window Seat Designs

Contemporary Living Room Window Treatment

contemporary living room window treatment


Contemporary Window Treatments

Contemporary window treatment is about achieving a balanced mix of both traditional and modern window design trends. You might opt for glass windows with curtains or wooden windows with shutter blinds.

Contemporary Living Room Window Treatment

contemporary living room window treatment1


Rustic Window Treatments

Rustic window arrangements should highlight the use of natural materials in the construction and make. You can go for high quality wooden blinds that incorporate a little rustic look but simultaneously provide high functionalities.

Rustic Bathroom Window Treatment

rustic bathroom window treatment


Dining Room Window Treatments

The dining room will again be a space where you would want high control on the amount of sun and wind entering. If you have a dining room, completely separate from the kitchen space, you can opt for large windows that are fully covered and offer high amount of control.

Cool Dining Room Window Treatment

cool dining room window treatment


Basement Window Treatments

Basements, by definition are underground space that is best for storage. Given the opportunity you can opt for completely glass windows that just let light in and keep the rain and wind off.

Small Basement Window Treatment

small basement window treatment


Sunroom Window Treatments

As the term suggests, this would be a space where you would like to allow in the maximum amount of sunlight. Go for large open windows that pen up to the garden and let in fresh air and light. However, you can also deploy high quality shutters and blinds to keep off the natural elements in adverse situations.

Beautiful Sunroom Window Treatment

beautiful sunroom window treatment


Corner Window Treatments

Not much is expected of a corner window, but given a chance, you might want to make them useful gateways to your immediate outdoors. Go for fixed windows, possibly made of glass. Depending on the size o the arrangement, you might want to choose a functional shutter. In most cases however, further treatment is not necessary.

Bedroom Corner Window Treatment

bedroom corner window treatment


Country Window Treatments

When you are living in a country, make it feel like it. Let in the light, wind and even the butterflies! Go for big sized windows and employ shutters to make it convenient for your style of living. Country windows are also best defined by a rather rustic arrangement.

French Country Window Treatment

french country window treatment

Photo by Ron Rosenzweig

Small Window Treatments

Smaller windows, like the ones in the attic space are solely dependent on how you would like to use the room. If you want it to be a bright and sunny space go for open windows that are controlled with shutters. Else, you can go for closed windows, probably made of glass to just let the light in.

Small White Window Treatment

small white window treatment


Luxury Window Treatments

When you are chasing a luxurious window arrangement, you have a long range of high quality materials and treatments at your disposal. You might want to talk to your interior designer about your expectations from the space.

Luxury Bedroom Window Treatment

luxury bedroom window treatment


These days, more numbers of homeowners are choosing to do more with their window space using adjustable blinds and shutters; they are making their homes more energy efficient and healthy. Further, there’s a long range of décor options, staring from dark wood blinds to sliding shutters made from transparent fabric. While curtains ensure that the heat stays in and the winds stays out during winters, shutters will keep the rain, dust and insects off from your indoor premises. A good quality window treatment always saves you money and makes your home bright and beautiful.

As already said, windows are your gateway to nature. Depending on the location and layout of your house, windows can bring in a complete change in looks and décor of your home. When you are planning on the choice of window treatment, it thus becomes necessary that you check your options well.

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