Carpet is an important element to be incorporated into the living room. It adds elegance, beauty and comfort to the living room, which is the central room of the house. A complete wall-to-wall carpet in the living room can be beautiful but the trend of having wall carpets has slowly faded away.

Striped Carpet Design For Small Living Room

small carpet design


One can add just a piece of carpet to the living room that can be placed right below the Center table or the tea table. This looks more classy and compact.

Living Room Carpet Idea

smart carpet design


Simple Living Room Carpet Design

best carpet design


Living Room Carpet Rugs

traditional carpet design


Contemporary Living Room Carpet Idea

carpet rugs design


Captivating Carpet Design

captivating carpet design


Compact Carpet Design

compact carpet design


Red And White Floral Carpet Design

red and white carpet design


Transitional Carpet Design

transitional carpet design


Houses with a lot of jazzy elements must have carpets in the bright colors with funky patterns and textures. Traditional houses with a touch of royalty must go for rich colors like blue and maroon that add a regal touch to the environment of the living room. Patterned rugs are in trend, and can be suitable to all types of houses, provided you select the right pattern matching the other essentials like color of the walls, lighting and other detriments of your living room.

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