Associated with roaring fires and sunshine, Orange and yellow have a welcoming and cheerful personality. Of course, if you’re going for these colors for your house interiors, so do you.

Orange is one color that can never go out of fashion. No matter it is for your clothes, your make-up or even your home interiors. Yes, you read that right. Orange colored living rooms have always been choice of millions of people around the world. And now, with so much advancements being made in the designing field, people like to use this color in combination with one or two more colors to give their spaces a contrasting look

Orange Living Room with Open Kitchen

orange living room with open kitchen

Designed by Jean Larette

Orange Living Room with Wall Alcoves

orange living room with wall alcoves

Bright Orange Living Room

bright orange living room

Designed by Jean Larette

Orange and turquoise make a perfect combination to give retro look to your living room. Orange color in interior looks especially appealing if used with modern lines or in combination with black. Give a simple sofa seating arrangement in your living room with main color being Orange and you’re already in heaven!

Retro Orange Living Room

retro orange living room

Bold Orange Living Room With Crisp White Trim

bold orange living room with crisp white trim

Bold Orange Living Room Features Dark Cabinetry

bold orange living room features dark cabinetry

S and K Interiors

Tropical Orange Living Room With Exposed Beam Ceiling

tropical orange living room with exposed beam ceiling

Home Life Interiors

Contemporary Orange Great Room

contemporary orange great room

White and Orange Living Room With Wood Wall

white and orange living room with wood wall

Orange & Gray Living Room

orange gray living room

Orange and Gray Family Room is Functional Stylish

orange and gray family room is functional stylish

Photo By: Dave Revette

Contemporary Orange and White Living Room

contemporary orange and white living room

Eclectic Blue Living Room With Orange Pops of Color

eclectic blue living room with orange pops of color

Orange Color Victorian Living Room

orange color victorian living room

Orange Contemporary Bedroom

orange contemporary bedroom

Orange Living Room Contemporary Home Office

orange living room contemporary home office

Bold Orange Traditional Family Living Room

bold orange traditional family living room

It is not always necessary to over-do the color. You can also take Orange in small accent along with main base color. The base color can be any neutral shade. A designer rug with a gorgeous pattern is all you need to complete the look!

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