A living room having a feminine touch is without doubt elegant, stylish and sophisticated. Some of the common colors known to define femininity are pinks, reds and all pastel hues. Being a woman, you can choose to decorate your living room in a fashion that speaks sophistication. Floral patterns are also a part of feminine décor, you could as well play with some chic accessories and detailing to give your living space an all new feminine touch. You may also see blue living room designs.

Modern Feminine Living Room

modern feminine living room


This is an extremely elegant living room with a feminine design. And although it has a traditional design, it is styled in a pretty modern fashion. The combination of white sofas with pretty pink cushions matched with other bright colors such as orange makes the space very elegant.

Masculine Feminine Living Room

masculine feminine living room


This combo of masculine-feminine living room defines true elegance. The room contains dark black and grey furniture on one side, and on the other hand there is bright yellow furniture with beige curtains making this room ideal for both men and women.

Small Feminine Living Room Idea

small feminine living room idea

Design by Juliya Butova

This is a small feminine living room idea featuring beige sofas, light wood flooring, and minimalist modern décor. The feminine factor is highlighted by the presence of bright yellow cushions, a chair and a pastel blue recliner along with a delicate flower vase.

Rustic Feminine Living Room

rustic feminine living room


Rustic is not just limited to masculine décor styles. It is also incorporated in feminine home décor in a very creative manner. The traditional rustic style gets a feminine makeover in this living room featuring a large set of comfortable sofas, a printed white and black rug being the highlight of the room and several other antique décor. You may aslo see small living room designs.

Feminine Living Room Furniture

feminine living room furniture


Feminine living room furniture features fancy beds in several shapes, interesting color cabinets, delicate décor items such as vases, tables, chairs etc. It may also include beautiful looking chandeliers, lights, cabinet and so on.

Feminine Chic Living Room

feminine chic living room


This is a shabby chic style living room featuring bluish grey fabric sofas with teal green matte walls and funky décor. The room has a very pretty and chic style adding a lot of zingy and feminine touch. The ceiling has a hanging pendant light and a mirror wall frame on the wall along with other funky accessories.

Luxury Feminine Living Room

luxury feminine living room


This is a luxurious feminine living room featuring beige and black classy furniture. It has a zebra print rug placed in the center which is the main highlight of the room. The walls have a very interesting design with detailing along with a lighting that enhances the look and feel of the living room space.

Contemporary Feminine Living Room

contemporary feminine living room


The contemporary feminine living rooms have a classy feel with detailing and pretty looking accessories. Contemporary style demands for a minimalist design and in feminine living rooms, pastel-colored décor is used to create a brilliant contemporary design.

Eclectic Feminine Living Room Design

eclectic feminine living room design


This eclectic feminine living room design is uber stylish featuring a large sofa for seating. Along with that is an additional armchair which has been placed next to the main sofas. It has a center coffee table large enough to be reached from any seat. It has a mix of wall lights, pendant lights and ceiling lights that truly set the mood.

Victorian Feminine Living Room Idea

victorian feminine living room idea


This Victorian theme feminine room features pretty peach curtains made of silk that matches the color of the sofas and the rug. The living room also features Moroccan storage ottomans that are used as additional seats as well as for storing toys.

Classic Feminine Living Room Idea

classic feminine living room idea


White Eclectic Feminine Living Room

white eclectic feminine living room


Attractive Feminine Living Room

attractive feminine living room

Design by Caitlin Wilson Design

Vintage Feminine Living Room

vintage feminine living room

Design by Diane Burgoyne Interiors

Urban Style Feminine Living Room

urban style feminine living room


Transitional Feminine Living Room

transitional feminine living room


Tiny Feminine Living Room Idea

tiny feminine living room idea


Amazing Feminine Living Room

amazing feminine living room


A feminine living room consists of pretty accessories, chic design and lovely color schemes most of it comprising of the color pink. A living space that has a feminine feel makes use of furniture and décor with detailing but contemporary furniture these days are also available with a feminine touch.

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