Shabby designs for a girl’s room would be loved by anyone who adores the cottage look of a home. The comfy room style will stir the soul of any young girl who likes to be herself and explore earthy and rustic style in her living space.

White Shabby Chic Bedroom furniture

white shabby chic bedroom furniture

White shabby bedroom includes a cute little single bed which has a table by its side. The wardrobe is like the one we used to see in ancient times. This wardrobe is white in color, matching the complete look. The rug will be centrally placed and the options provided are a feathery rug or a flat grained sheet.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Style Bedroom Furniture

beautiful shabby chic style bedroom furniture

Bedroom with White Chandelier and Bedside Table

bedroom with white chandelier and bedside table

This bedroom style is remarkable. A complete decent look can be drawn out of the usual things in a room. Hanging a chandelier in the center of the bedroom makes the appearance incredible. A simple yet stylish room is maintained that every girl will fall in love with.

Shabby chic adorning is all about simplicity, radiant, breezy colours and fabric. With shabby chic bedroom designs, well-worn or distressed pieces of furniture can be used to bring about functionality and desirable coziness. Such a style enables you to have simple yet practical living.

Awesome Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

awesome shabby chic bedroom furniture

A lovely oversized quilt with fur is added to the bed and a laced curtain is included. The complete appearance of the room is defined by keeping a large size mirror with a charming sofa at a corner. This shabby chic bedroom furniture will give a defined look, making you feel like a princess of your own world. This shabby look will add a reality to the room and help you discover your identity out of the odds.

Twin Beds with Bold Graphic Wall

twin beds with bold graphic wall

JVW Home

A cute sibling room is very special for developing a bond. A graphic wall will add beauty to the room. You can add little furniture as the bed space has to be more, thus allowing two beds to settle in one place.

Spacious Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

spacious shabby chic bedroom furniture

A neat, clean and tidy room can be created by making a spacious room for your loved one. Definition of cuteness of the room can be drawn by adding effortlessness to the room. The main feature of the room is minimalism . A wide window with neat white curtain and a table by the bedside should be perfect in order to decorate the room.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture for Kids

shabby chic bedroom furniture for kids

How cool will it look if you design a room with two sweet beds side by side and add oversized rugs on it? The kids will love their zone as they do not have to make any effort to keep everything in place. Design it in a way by mix matching stuff, like extra long curtains, old painting, paint scratched out of old chairs in the room etc.

Shabby Chic Eclectic Bedroom Furniture

shabby chic eclectic bedroom furniture

Shabby Chic Rustic Bedroom Furniture

shabby chic rustic bedroom furniture

On Site Management, Inc

Lovely Shabby Chic Style Bedroom Furniture

lovely shabby chic style bedroom furniture

Kelley & Company

Trendy Bedroom Furniture

trendy bedroom furniture

My Romantic Home

This look exactly resembles like the bedtime stories we read in childhood – cottage, where the princess lived, had a cute little bed, old worn out furniture. Just blend the look with the latest trends like a bed table, cozy quilt, cute curtains and a lavishly accessorized room.

Good Shabby Chic Designs for Bedroom Furniture

good shabby chic designs for bedroom furniture

30s Magazine

Gorgeous Shabby Chic Style Furniture

gorgeous shabby chic style furniture

Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan Interiors

Master Bedroom with Shabby Chic Style Furniture

master bedroom with shabby chic style furniture


Ideas for Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

ideas for shabby chic bedroom furniture

Unique Shabby Chic Style Bed

unique shabby chic style bed

Mina Brinkey

Teens Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Design

teens shabby chic bedroom furniture design

Posh Interiors Austin

Dreamy White Bedroom Furniture

dreamy white bedroom furniture

Mina Brinkey

Natural Wood Bedroom Furniture

natural wood bedroom furniture

Universal Furniture

Shabby Chic Wood Furniture for Bedroom

shabby chic wood furniture for bedroom

Laura Hardin

Bedroom with Shabby Chic Style Furniture

bedroom with shabby chic style furniture

You can get your room ideas designed in a customized way. The trendy patterns are totally possible with a little dash of your own imagination going into it. Personalize your room by adding furniture with your initials inscribed or your pictures in photo frames, wall clocks etc.

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