When it comes to workspace designs, men and women have different needs altogether. Generally, while men concentrate more on functionality, women tend to adorn the space with all sorts of decorations in an effort to make the place look more homey and pleasing.

Cool White Feminine Work Space Design

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Simple Feminine Office Work Space Idea


Colorful Feminine Work Place with Wall Art


There’s a whole range of options that can make a workspace feel more feminine. In spite of all these variations, the designs share one thing in common, that is, they tend to be chic and elegant. Pink is a popular tone in most of the feminine workspaces.

Super Orange Feminine Work Space Idea


Awesome Feminine Work Place Design Idea

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Nice Work Space for Teens


Modern Home Office Work Space with White Desk

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Study Work Space Design for Boys


Dreamy Blue Work Place Idea

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Vintage Style Feminine Work Space Design

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Scandinavian Home Office Work Space


Beautiful Work Place with Storage Shelves

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Florals are quite often associated with a feminine figure. A workspace interior design in bold green and a skim of white, animated with some floral motifs of cherry blossom in white hue can be quite befitting a feminine workspace. Designs with a modest, long enough desk with curvy edges and a chic chair can be quite ideal for a feminine workspace.

Trendy Feminine Work Space Idea

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Small Study Work Place Design


Feminine Work Place with Shabby Chic Style

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Unique Feminine Work Space Design


Purple Feminine Work Space for Teenagers

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Work Place with Black and White Wall Art


Belmont Model Feminine Work Space Idea


Traditional Work Place Design Idea

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Pink Color Feminine Work Space with White Furniture


Incorporating vases of pink roses to a workspace can add charm and create a strong feminine elegance to the space. A bright workspace can often boost one’s productivity. An airy feminine workspace design with a bright white space of pristine setting and white soft curtains can be quite inspiring.

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