A black coffee table is one of the household items that can easily give depth to a room. The color of this table gives you the flexibility to team it with any other shade. Apart from adding visual appeal, this table can hold books, magazines, food, drinks and camouflage smudges or dirt. Coffee table designs are so versatile that you can get one made of wood, glass or metal in any shape and size. Here are different types of black coffee tables.

Black Glass Coffee Table

A black glass coffee table has an elegant modern appeal, and designs which are translucent will display your items. It creates the illusion of space thereby making a room appear larger. From contemporary to traditional homes, this table fits in any style.

black glass coffee table

Diamond Custom Homes, Inc.

Black Square Coffee Table

A black square coffee table is suitable for square rooms and those made of wood have a sophisticated look. They are not that large hence less likely to overpower the seating area and have an equidistant feature which is ideal for a conversation.

black square coffee table

Claudia Leccacorvi

Black Round Coffee Table

A round coffee table has no sharp corners hence makes good use of any available space while allowing better flow of traffic. This table design also allow closeness so as to easily catch the attention of everyone sitting around the table. They have smaller footprint making them ideal for smaller spaces.

black round coffee table

Lisa Stevens & Company, Inc

Modern Black Coffee Table

A modern coffee table has features that make it stylish and practical. You can use the table as a work surface, dining table or study area. They can contain built-in push button that can raise or lower the table. The standard wood designs have extra storage space and unique geometric design.

modern black coffee table

Alexander James Interiors

Black Wood Coffee Table

Traditionally coffee tables were made of wood. These tables continue to be popular because they are timeless and combines both beauty and practicality. A black wood coffee tables is resilient, low maintenance and elegant which works for decorative purposes. With its clean line and minimalist design, a wooden coffee table is a perfect focal point.

black wood coffee table

Interior Concepts, Inc.

Small Black Coffee Table Design

Instead of using one large table, opt to add two matching small black coffee tables to add an interesting look to your space. The numerous silver pin ornamentations attached around the table and a unique pattern on the legs add a decorative effect.

small black coffee table design

Robert Brown Interior Design

Black Marble Coffee Table

Do you want a table that combines beauty and timelessness? Then opt for a black marble coffee table. It will complement any décor, is durable and will always be trendy.

black marble coffee table

Elad Gonen

Black Metal Coffee Table

Metal coffee tables are very durable, flame resistant, weather resistant and will not scratch or get damaged by pets or children. A black metal coffee table with intricate patterns and a glass top looks classy.

black metal coffee table

Avalon Interiors

Black Oval Coffee Table

A black oval coffee table has an appealing look which can make the seating area stand out. Use the shape to make the table a focal point. You may also See Modern Coffee Table

black oval coffee table

Torrence Architects

Black Storage Coffee Table

A black coffee table with shelves or drawers is multifunctional. The extra storage space will keep the room clutter free and organized.

black storage coffee table

Marshall Erb Design Inc.

Black Importance

Black is a color that is warm and sophisticated and gives any room an intimate appearance. It is one of the neutral colors and offers endless options to what other shades you can combine it with. When used in small doses as an accent such as a black coffee table, it gives depth and a modern appeal to the room. It is also a dramatic color that provides the greatest contrast especially when paired with white. Black creates an elegant feel when teamed with gold, silver or brass.

A black coffee table doubles up as a practical item and to showcase your personal style of decoration. The neutral color makes it easier for this table to complement any seats or décor of the room. Round coffee tables encourage better personal interactions and closeness for a one-on-one conversation.

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