When you need to sit comfortably and relax after a tiring day, then reclining sofas are your best options. Reclining chairs or sofas have become a must have especially for homes with old family members or individuals with a hectic lifestyle. These sofa designs are beneficial as they tend to sooth the human body like a stiff neck or sore feet; making it easier for you to relax, unwind and enjoy the comfort of your home. You may also See Royal Sofa Designs

Leather Reclining Sofas

If you need a seat design that will remain trendy and comfortable, then go for leather reclining sofas. While black is the popular choice for these seats and will complement any home décor, you can still go for other colors to highlight your unique personality.

leather reclining sofas

Christian Gladu Design

Sectional Sofas With Recliners

Sectional sofas with recliners are practical and comfortable. They usually come in L shape, curved back or U design and provide extra seating space for a large family or when entertaining guests. These sofas will never go out of style and can even include a beverage holder section.

sectional sofas with recliners

Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc.

Double Recliner Sofas

Give you room an edge by opting for double recliner sofas. The extra seating space with will come in handy especially when you invite a friend over to your home. These sofas are perfect for couples who want to cozy up after a busy day.

double recliner sofas

Glennwood Custom Builders (NC)

Modern Recliner Sofas

Modern recliner sofas are sleek and incorporate core forms. These seats have a glide system which makes it easier to control your reclining angle. They will add a trendy look to the living room and make you cozy as you watch your favorite TV series.

modern recliner sofas

Allen Construction

Reclining Corner Sofas

Want to efficiently utilize your available space? Then go for reclining corner sofa. They are ideal for camouflaging a sharp angle, enabling you to make good use of the available small space.

reclining corner sofas

Alex Findlater Ltd

L-Shaped Reclining Sofas

L-shaped reclining sofas look like two joined sets of sofas! While the size of this sofa will depend on your space and amount of traffic on that part of the room, an L-shaped with wheels can make it easier for you to move the sofa.

l shaped reclining sofas

Kristi Will Home + Design

Fabric Reclining Sofas

The ideal fabric reclining sofa should contain materials that are user-friendly to kids and pets. Go for soft yet durable materials that are resistant to friction and easy to clean any spills. For a luxurious formal vibe, go for recliner sofas made of velvet.

fabric reclining sofas

Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

Curved Reclining Sofas

Comfortable and interesting to look at, a curved reclining sofa is also convenient. Its curved silhouette forms a semi-circle shape that makes this furniture elegant and timeless. They are available in different textures and are spacious in a nice way. You may also See L-Shaped Sofa Designs

curved reclining sofas

Gallery Interiors and Rockford Kitchen Design

Small Reclining Sofas

If you barely have space to fit a large sofa but need to attract the attention of guest then add a small reclining sofa. These designs are ideal for bachelors or those living alone. You can even place your chair next to the fireplace so that you keep warm during winter.

small reclining sofas

Lisa Petrole Photography

Contemporary Recliner Sofas

Your contemporary recliner sofas should showcase your character to others. They feature chic and elegant designs that reflect modern décor. If you can, go for a set as it will reduce the chances of mixing and matching different styles.

contemporary recliner sofas

Ownby Design

Kid’s Recliner Sofas

Kids will jump and even stand on seats, so choose a reclining sofa that is comfortable and strong. Since they will also spill food from time to time, go for a fabric that is easy to clean or camouflage stains such as dark leather sofas.

kids recliner sofas

Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Luxury Recliner Sofas

Luxury recliner sofas feature attractive fine fabrics such as leather, silk, and chenille. These high-end seats will mirror sophisticated fixtures and decorations such as chandeliers or glass tables. The trick to looking elegant is to pick one sofa design.

luxury recliner sofas

SCH Interiors by Design LTD

Gray Reclining Sofas

Gray reclining sofas will fit any personality making it perfect for a large family setting. The gray color will match with any floor or wall color and even complement colored throw pillows. It will forever remain trendy and make your room appear clean.

gray reclining sofas

Roselind Wilson Design

Home Theater Reclining Sofas

Home theater reclining sofas will ensure that you and your viewers have a memorable fun experience. They are designed to give comfort, are well-built and some designs even include a sofa bed.

home theater reclining sofas

Mars Photo and Design

Living Room Reclining Sofas

Make your living room a fun space by opting to use a reclining sofa as the focal point. These sofas should be functional, comfortable, match the room’s architecture and allow traffic to move easily. You may also See Leather Sofa Designs

living room reclining sofas

Amy Hill Designs

Reclining chairs are the ideal alternative to a sleeper sofa. They feature a mechanism that allows the chair to lean backward and for the footrest to pop out. You can even get them as a sectional sofa which provides more seating space. These chairs come in different colors and sizes to fit your room space.

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