Living room is the best place where every person of the family loves to spend some quality time and a living room without a sofa set? Nah no one can even think of a loving room without a sofa set .so if you are going to change your most important thing of the living room i.e., the sofa set than wait and read on this article to get to know about the latest sofa design trend of 2016 and grab the most trending design od sofa set on which you can relax for long time.

1. Dark Colours:

The modern day people loves to be surrounded by color and when it’s come to living room sofa set than surely buying a dark color sofa set is worthy as it is the most trending design of 2016 of sofa set as they look quite innovative and charming

Dark Blue Sofa Design

dark blue sofa design2

Atmosphere Interior Designs

Blue Sofa Set Design

blue sofa set design2

2. Rounded Corner:

If you have a big family and want to fix the sofa set in the room for all then u should go for the rounded corners sofa set as they are very much in trend in 2016 and people are loving to place them in their houses because they are unique and stylish.

Contemporary Round Sectional Sofa

contemporary round sectional sofa1

Design by : DC Interior Decor

Round Outdoor Sectional Sofa

round outdoor sectional sofa1

Orange Round Sofa Set

orange round sofa set1

3. Wooden Sofa Set

Wooden sofa set are in the list of the latest trend in 2016 due to their popularity as they are very light weighted ,easy to handle and very much cheap as compare to other but not less stylish in any way than other designs.

Hard Wood Sofa Set

hard wood sofa set2

Oak Wood Sofa Design

oak wood sofa design3

4. Simple

No matter what is the year and what’s trending the most trending sofa set which always features in everyone’s list for sure is the simple sofa set which increases the beauty of your room as they simplicity keeps the things look more beautiful and attractive at the same time.

White Simple Sofa

white simple sofa1

Simple Traditional Sofa Design

simple traditional sofa design1

5. The Comfortable

The next in the list of sofa design trend for 2016 is the huge bulgy kind of sofa set which are more comfortable than others as they are very soft and makes you feel relax when you sit at them and you can easily spend many hours watching your favourite show.

Spacious Comfortable Sofa Set

spacious comfortable sofa set2

Shabby Comfortable Sofa Design

shabby comfortable sofa design2

6. Creative Sofa Set:

The next design which makes it to the list is the creative sofa set as they have the most creative design which is in trend and suits your house as well because creativity catches the heart more easily and you will fall in love with them.

Creative Cardboard Sofa

creative cardboard sofa1

7. Small Sofa Set:

if you have a small room and you need to find the best sofa set for it than you should give a chance to small sofa set as they are the most trending design of sofa set due to their and size and their consumption of the space.

Small Sofa Design Trends

small sofa design trends2

Small White Sofa Design

small white sofa design1

Kelly Deck Design

8. Fabric Sofa Set:

The fabric sofa set are very charming and attractive and they look very beautiful when place in the living room with low cost and these all are the reasons why they are the sofa design trend of 2016 very easily and one can’t deny this fact.

Traditional Fabric Sofa Design

traditional fabric sofa design1

Living Room Fabric Sofa Design

living room fabric sofa design1

Designed by Ryan

9. Leather Sofa Set:

Since so many years the most loveable and stylish sofa set which is always in a trend is the leather sofa set .this design is the most used and it’s always in the trend due to its versatility and solidness as they never tear apart loosely.

Classic Leather Sofa Design

classic leather sofa design1

Brown Leather Sofa Design

brown leather sofa design2

Red Leather Sofa Design

red leather sofa design1

Family Room Leather Sofa

family room leather sofa1

10. Aluminium Sofa Set:

The most astonishing sofa set design trend is of the aluminium sofa set and they make it to the list just because of their simple and straight forward design, their awesome looks and also there cost, withall these qualities they become the trendind and popular design of sofa set in 2016 for sure.

Aluminium Sofa Design

aluminium sofa design2

Aluminium Sofa Design Trend

aluminium sofa design trend1

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