Sofa beds are a great addition to most rooms to create a cozy and comfortable space for your family and friends to gather together, whilst also adding an extra bed to the house for unexpected guests, or to give more space to sit and relax. This list has put together a wide range of some of the best and most innovative sofa bed designs so that you can create the perfect space for comfortability and social gatherings. You may also see Comfortable Sofa Bed Designs

Corner Sofa Beds

Corner bed sofas fit easily into the corner of the room in order to make the most of the floor space that you have. These sofas come in a number of fabrics and colors so that you can find the sofa to fit your room. You may also see Corner Sofa Designs

Modern Corner Sofa Bed Design

modern corner sofa bed design

Photo by Alex Amend

Leather Sofa Beds

Leather sofa beds are a leather sofa that folds out to add an extra bed space into the room. This style of the sofa bed is perfect for a more modern room as it is sleek and modern but still very practical.

Faux Leather Sofa Bed Design

faux leather sofa bed design

Modern Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is an ideal quick fix for an extra bed, as it very easily flattens out to create a double bed. Modern sofa beds are a great design element to add a useful extra bed into the house. You may also see Sofa Table Designs

Modern Double Sofa Bed

modern double sofa bed

Small Sofa Bed Designs

A small sofa bed is a modern, simple sofa that stretches out into a double bed. A sofa bed design is very compact, making it ideal for a smaller room in order to add an extra sleeping space for guests.

Contemporary Small Sofa Bed Design

contemporary small sofa bed design

Kid’s Sofa Beds

A kid’s sofa bed is a small sofa bed design that properly fits into a child’s bedroom to add an extra sleeping area for friends and sleepovers. There are many designs that are ideal for children’s bedrooms or play areas.

Cool Kid’s Sofa Bed Idea

cool kids sofa bed idea

Tufted Sofa Beds

A tufted sofa bed design is a minimalistic black and white design of a sofa that doubles up as a day bed. This design is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms to add an extra sitting space that doubles up as a sleeping area. You may also see Tufted Sofa Designs

Grey Tufted Sofa Bed

grey tufted sofa bed

Photo by Jason Snyder

Sectional Sofa Beds

A sectional sofa bed design keeps the design of the sectional sofa when pulled out into a bed form. These sofa beds are perfect for a living room or a bedroom in order to add a compact sofa and an extra sleeping area.

Modern Sectional Sofa Bed

modern sectional sofa bed

L-Shaped Sofa Beds

An L-shaped sofa bed design is a different style of the sofa bed that turns into a bed by simply slotting the footrest into the empty area, as it is perfectly fitted in order to create a double bed. This design is ideal for living rooms, as the sofa bed serves many functions. You may also see L-Shaped Sofa Designs

Corner L-Shaped Sofa Bed

corner l shaped sofa bed

Storage Sofa Beds

Storage sofa bed designs are a simple and small sofa bed design that easily folds down into a double bed, but also utilizes the space underneath the bed with drawer space. These designs are perfect for a smaller room in order to utilize the space.

Corner Storage Sofa Bed

corner storage sofa bed

Contemporary Sofa Beds

Contemporary sofa beds are modern and compact, ideal for smaller and more contemporary styles of room. They can be made from many fabrics and designs so that you can find the perfect sofa bed for your room.

Contemporary Sectional Sofa Bed

contemporary sectional sofa bed

Outdoor Sofa Beds

Many outdoor sofa beds are a large sofa bed that also acts as a day bed. These sofa bed designs are very comfortable outdoor sofa beds to help you make the most of the warm summer months.

Outdoor Patio Sofa Bed Idea

outdoor patio sofa bed idea

Vintage Sofa Beds

A vintage sofa bed is a simple sofa that quickly folds down into a double bed. Many vintage sofa bed designs have a very retro feel to it and is an ideal one for any room with a more vintage feel and theme.

Simple Vintage Sofa Bed

simple vintage sofa bed

Apartment Sofa Bed Designs

Apartment sofa beds are perfect for a smaller apartment, as it is a pretty yet compact sofa design that easily pulls out into a double bed for extra sleeping spaces so that you can accommodate family, friends, and other guests on an overnight basis.

Contemporary Apartment Sofa Bed

contemporary apartment sofa bed

Playroom Sofa Bed Ideas

Playroom sofa beds are perfect so that you can create a fun area for your child to play with their friends whilst also adding a useful extra sleeping space for play dates and sleepovers.

Kid’s Playroom Sofa Bed

kids playroom sofa bed

This list has put together a wide range of sofa beds, and we are confident that this list has an option for everyone so that they can utilize the space in their rooms and add an extra sleeping area for guests. These designs can be used in many different rooms to add a comfortable finish.

Sofa Bed Trends

Sofa beds have many different trends depending on the room they are intended for. Some are very modern and sleek, perfect for modern apartments, whereas some are a lot more fun and colorful, which are perfect for children’s rooms.

Sofa Bed Uses

Sofa beds are a handy and comfortable seating area that also offers a sleeping area for guests, friends, and family, but also a comfortable day bed so that you can relax on a day bed, rather than an actual bed.

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