Leather sectional sofa is a good option if you like the luxury and ease of maintenance of leather and the multi-functionality of sectional couches. A sectional sofa set allows you to create your own sofa designs based on your personal design preference or on your available space. There are several types or designs of sectional sofas; you can choose the normal type or you can go for those with additional features like recliners and foot rests.

Leather Sectional Sleeper Sofas

This kind of sectional sofa is ideal for families who usually have overnight guests. The sectional sofa comes with sleeper feature that turns a part of the couch into a comfortable bed. You may also see Leather Sofa Designs

Grey Leather Sectional Sleeper Sofa


Modern Leather Sectional Sleeper Sofa


Small Leather Sectional Sofas

The main advantage of small leather sectional sofas is that you can easily integrate the set into a limited spaced room. This is the ideal choice for small apartments or studio-type accommodations.

Simple Small Leather Sectional Sofa


Small White Leather Sectional Sofa


Modern Leather Sectional Sofa Designs

With modern leather sectional sofa, you can create a contemporary setting that would allow you to use up most of your room’s space. Modern designs for leather sectional sofas include; two-piece chaise, six-piece tufted and three-piece wedge. You may also see Modern Sectional Sofa Designs

Modern Living Room Leather Sectional Sofa


Modern White Leather Sectional Sofa


Leather Reclining Sectional Sofas

If special and relaxing couch treat is what you are looking for, you should go for leather reclining sectional sofa. The reclining feature allows you to sit back and enjoy the comfort of the couch and the luxury of the leather as you let the stress of the day melt away.

Brown Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa


Small Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa


Curved Leather Sectional Sofas

Curved sectional sofas add aesthetic accent into a room or space. Choose a sectional made of high quality leather and you have chosen to really go ultra-modern and comfy in your couch option. You may also see Curved Sectional Sofa Designs

Curved Leather Sectional Sofa for Living Room


Modern Curved Leather Sectional Sofa


Faux Leather Sectional Sofas

Faux leather has the same look and feel as the genuine leather material. The advantage of going to a faux leather sectional sofa is that you get the same quality of seating experience without spending a lot of many.

Modern Faux Leather Sectional Sofa


Rustic Leather Sectional Sofa Designs

The popularity of the rustic look has invaded the sectional sofa industry. You do not need to abuse your sectional to make it look rustic. There are available sectional sofas made of distressed leather for that appealing rustic look.

Cool Rustic Leather Sectional Sofa


Traditional Leather Sectional Sofas

Traditional leather sectional sofas provide the classic feel into the room. These are sectionals that are usually made of dark brown leather of the highest quality. Most people with large living rooms prefer this design of leather sectional sofas. You may also see Wooden Sofa Designs

Traditional Brown Leather Sectional Sofa


Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofas

Contemporary leather sectional sofas come in different colors. You can get them in almost any color you prefer. This option allows you to really decorate your living room with accents based on your chosen color or theme motif.

Contemporary Grey Leather Sectional Sofa


Vintage Leather Sectional Sofa Designs

Going to the vintage leather sectional sofa is choosing to be classic and chic. Vintage styling is producing replicas that are as good-looking as the originals. This means that your vintage sectional will look as stunning as antique sectionals.

Rustic Vintage Leather Sectional Sofa


White Leather Sectional Sofas

White leather is luxurious and elegant. If you like the immaculate beauty of white and the quality of leather, then a set of white leather sectional sofa is your best bet. This is also a good option if your room theme is classic Black and White.

Contemporary White Leather Sectional Sofa


Leather Sectional Sofas with Chaise

Leather sectional sofas with chaise allows you to have a comfortable seating feature with additional comfortable reclining or sleeping chaise feature. The chaise can also be used as additional sleeping space for unexpected overnight guest.

Grey Leather Sectional Sofa with Chaise


Tufted Leather Sectional Sofa Designs

The tufted design is one of the most common designs used for couches. For sectional sofas, this design is also very popular because it provides the set with nice, attractive and classic accent feature. Most tufted leather sectional sofas are designed for vintage designs. You may also see Tufted Sofa Designs

Black Tufted Leather Sectional Sofa


Sectional sofas provide ample seating as this living room furniture piece offers versatile modular design. There are several sofas designs today, but sectionals provide you with an attractive and comfortable set of furniture that you can set up anyway you want. Leather sectional sofas are not just versatile, the material is easy to maintain and easy to clean, as well.

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