The bed inside a bedroom is the focal point. It needs to be stylish and comfortable. We tend to spend a lot of time both waking and sleeping, so the bed along with the practical reasons for its existence, it has to be aesthetically appealing too. From marvelous king sized beds to lovely single beds you will find everything you need in the following guide of bed designs that will help you style your bedroom. You may also see Bedroom Furniture Designs

Wooden Bed Designs

Wood is the number one material for beds. You can find amazing styles in wooden beds that range from classic to traditional and from modern to rustic, allowing you to create the most wonderful bedroom designs. You can have simple designs as well as carved for a charming bedroom synthesis.

Modern Wooden Bed Design

Carlton Edwards Builder & Designer

Wooden Bed Storage Design

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Minecraft Bed Designs

This goes for both adults and kids. You can have a bed design inspired from the Minecraft game. Choose a simple design in solid wood and bring it to life with matching bed linings as well as a pixel head board or wall design that’ll make the room look amazing.

Minecraft Single Bed Design

Robin Bond Interiors

Platform Bed Designs

Platform bed designs have a unique and wonderful design. These designs don’t require a bed skirt, allowing the bed frame to be showcased while the tucked in bed linens create a neat look. Influenced from Asian style you can find amazing beds that come in a variety of impressive styles.

Modern Platform Bed Design

Design by Ruhl Walker Architects

Platform Wooden Bed Design

Kristina Wolf Design

Bunk Bed Design Ideas

Bunk bed designs have come a long way from the simple metallic or wooden designs. Nowadays you can find many interesting designs that are suitable for kids and adults. The available designs get inspired from nautical themes while you can personalize them according to your tastes and needs.

Modern Bunk Bed Room Idea

Double Bunk Bed Room Idea

Loft Bed Designs

Make every inch square of space count with a loft bed design. These have the bed raised from the ground allowing the space underneath to be used for other purposes like office, dresser or a sitting area. Loft beds are ideal for small spaces allowing you to use them vertically.

Kid’s Loft Bed Design

Loft Bed Storage Design

Modern Bed Designs

You can choose the ambiance of your bedroom with the right bed design. Modern designs require a subtle energy that will add character to the room without monopolizing it with ornate decorations. They are available in many designs with various materials to choose.

Modern Round Bed Design

Floating Bed Designs

You can choose a floating bed in order to elevate your bedroom’s style. Most of the floating bed designs are made of wood and have that floating look. You can also recreate this design by installing lights under the bed frame in order to create the illusion of elevation.

Wooden Floating Bed Design

Kid’s Bed Designs

Kids love vibrant colors so this should be the first clue for choosing a bed for your kids. There is a great variety of kid’s bed designs that are inspired from famous cartoon characters and action heroes. A colorful and creative design will make your kid’s bedroom look like a playroom.

Kid’s Bunk Bed Design

Murphy Bed Design Ideas

Space saving techniques can help you create a fully functional space despite the smaller size of the room. A Murphy bed design allows you to use a mechanism that can hide the bed during the hours that is not needed. This can be mostly convenient for small studio apartments.

Murphy Wall Bed Design

Bed Designs for Teenagers

In the case of a teenager’s room, choose a versatile bed that can be incorporated in any style. You can choose modern designs with masculine style for boys and classic for girls in feminine tones. The bed should reflect the individual’s personal style and taste.

Modern Bed Design for Teenagers

Hunter & Belle Interiors

Storage Bed Designs

In many cases, the space under the bed remains unused. However, this space can be used for storage purposes that can keep your bedroom organized and tidy. For this, you need a bed design that has inbuilt drawers to help you store everyday items as well as seasonal clothes. You may also see Kid’s Storage Bed Designs

Platform Storage Bed Design

Sofa Bed Designs

One of the best ideas that are suitable for rooms like the office and the living room are the sofa bed designs. You can find numerous sofa designs that can be turned into fully functional and comfortable beds, turning your office and living area into an impromptu bedroom for guests.

Comfy Sofa Bed Design

Grace Blu Designs

Built-In Bed Designs

Build in bed designs allows you to save space. They take less space since they are part of a multifunctional design, providing with extra moving space. This idea is perfect for small rooms while it can provide with additional storage space.

Built-In Bed Storage Design

Marcus & Willers Architects

Round Bed Designs

Round bed designs are exceptional adding a unique tone of elegance in a bedroom. If you want your bed to make a bold statement in your bedroom then the round design should be the one for you. You will find them in a combination of materials that look and feel luxurious.

Leather Round Bed Design

Traditional Bed Designs

If you prefer a classic look for your bedroom then you can go for a traditional bed. The carved details on the bed frame will add a touch of elegance that you can fully take advantage in order to make your bedroom look charming and scrumptious.

Traditional Wooden Bed Design

Luxurious Bed Designs

A bed design with intricate carvings and bold details can give you the most luxurious beds. Make sure that you choose a bed with great quality materials in order to create the luxurious tone in your bedroom. Style with neutral colored bed linens in order to add character.

Modern Luxurious Bed Design

Younique Interior Designs

Swinging Bed Designs

Swinging beds are relaxing and comfortable offering a floating feeling while using them. You can choose a bed design that can be hanged from the ceiling to create the swing effect. They are great for indoors as well as outdoors to be used as a daybed.

Outdoor Swinging Bed Design

Canopy Bed Ideas

Canopy bed ideas can vary in design and style. You can find a great variety of canopy bed designs that come with metallic or wooden frames allowing you to choose the right one for your bedroom. These designs can be styled with soft fabrics that will add a constant flowing quality.

Canopy Bed Decorating Idea

Pallet Bed Ideas

Pallet bed designs promote a strong rustic and industrial style that looks perfect in every room. You can make your own bed easily with low cost, using pallets to create the main frame of the bed and adding a comfortable mattress on top to style with bed linens and pillows.

Wooden Pallet Bed Idea

Leblanc Home Staging

Corner Bed Design Ideas

Make your room look organized and stylish with a corner bed design. These range from square to orthogonal and can be styled with corner headboards. You can find amazing corner beds in a variety of styles to choose from.

Corner Bunk Bed Design

Legacy Classic Furniture

The current trends want you to create matching combinations in styles and colors. You can go for a serene look for a retreat or you can add fresh pops of color to add character. Even though a designer bed will give you top quality to use for years, you have to consider the size of the room as well as your everyday needs and think about space saving techniques that it might offer.

Choose the right bed for the right bedroom. From kid’s beds to floating beds, there is a great variety of designs and styles to choose in order to create peaceful and inspiring bedrooms for yourself and your family. We hope that this guide has pointed you to the right bed.

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