Looking to remodel your existing bedroom to create more space? A ‘L- Shaped’ bedroom design would be the perfect opportunity to integrate more into your private space. From extra chairs for regular guests to a small study area fused into the bedroom, there are endless options to make your life simpler and easier. The best thing about a fused L- Shaped bedroom is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Having a lot of space around automatically livens up the ambience, especially if you have a small house to yourself.

L-Shaped Master Bedroom

l shaped master bedroom2


In this design, the longer side of the “L” integrated the master bed, while the shorter side will be an ideal space to have a couple of chairs or a small study. Well lit, this scheme will make a relatively small bedroom space look more comfortable and cozy, rather than claustrophobic. Though you have been able to fuse your sleeping area and study, the design scheme able separates the activities such that you don’t need to bring your work to the bed!

Kid L-Shaped Bunk Bed

kid l shape bunk bed idea


L-shaped beds are more popular for designing kid’s rooms. You can make more use of the bedroom space by creating bunks and also have other necessary furnishing integrated into the room. The extra space created by the bunk scheme will allow plenty of space for your kids to move and play around.

L-Shaped Bedroom Wardrobe Design

l shaped bedroom wardrobe design


Another innovative use of small bedroom space is an “L” shaped scheme. The maximum area is taken up by the bed but the smaller extensions on the top and the base of the design can create functional space for a lot of activities, ranging from storage to study and even a small bar. Depending upon your lifestyle needs and the availability of space, an “L” shaped bedroom can be an  interesting structure.

Sofa Bed L-Shape Idea

sofa bed i shape idea


A small space can look relatively bigger if you have been able to arrange it well. In this case, the bed forms the main furniture of the space but the bedroom also integrates a plush sitting area and even a table/wardrobe. The use of high mirrors for windows and unique lighting fixtures makes the space look interesting both in the day and the night.

Loft Bed Shape Idea

loft bed shape idea


This bedroom scheme has a real earthy and exotic look to it. Integrated into an L-shaped bedroom space, the high loft bed forms the focal element. Well furnished and complemented by wall decor and light fixtures, this will be a bedroom that anyone would like to jump into! The loft bed, on the other hand, provides a unique space from small kids. While you can always keep a close look on your child, you have plenty of room space to yourself too.

L-Shaped Twin Beds

l shaped twin beds

Designed By : Flea Market Sunday

Perfect for households with two kids, this bed arrangement creates plenty of space in the middle of the room. While the table/rack can be fused between the bed heads, taking one corner of the room, the rest of the space can integrate in a wardrobe, dressing table or be kept empty for the kids to run around!

L-Shaped Corner Beds

l shaped corner beds


Similar to the above design, this would be an option if you have grown up kids/teenagers in the house. The even use of lighting and plenty of floor space makes the bedroom look bigger than it actually is.

White L-Shaped Bunk Beds

white l shaped bunk beds


Making space for as many as four kids, this L-shaped bunk bed scheme will save you a lot of space. Just make sure that the room is brightly lit to create the perfect ambience.

Cozy Couch Bed Design

cozy couch bed design


For homes yearning for space, the bed can be fused with the sofa to create the necessary space when sleeping. However, or the rest of the day, the couch becomes the only prominent part of the room, allowing the usual activities to run more smoothly.

L-Shaped Bedroom Wall Design

l shaped bedroom wall design

Designed By : L'Attitude Design-Build

Well furnished, this bedroom looks both royal and cozy. The effective use of all available wall spaces creates an interesting ambience and gives enough room for a home to be run smoothly.

Traditional Decorative L-Shape Bed

traditional decoretive l shape bed


Classic Designed Blue Bedroom

classic desiged blue bedroom


Spacious L-Shaped Sofa Bedroom

spacious l shaped sofa bedroom1


Modern L-Shape Bedroom with Cabinets

modern l shape bedroom with cabinets


Bunk Bedroom with Storage Space

bunk bedroom with storage space


Beach Style L-Shape Bedroom

beach style l shape bedroom


Contemporary Wooden Bedroom

contemporary wooden bedroom

Designed By : snookphotograph

Small L-Shaped Bedroom Storage

small and storage l shaped bed1

Designed By : Nude Designs

Simple Wooden Kids Bedroom

simple wooden kid bedroom


Golden Bedroom with Open Bathroom

golden bedroom with open bathroom

Designed By : Fabric Space

L-Shaped Glassy Designed Bedroom

l shaped glassy desiged bedroom

Designed By : Terrie Koles

Go any other ideas for L-shaped bedroom? Share it with us!

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