When you look out for a customized small kitchen, you wish that the furniture and other kitchen accessories look compact. It does not only save space in your house, but adds to the beauty as well. Here, you need to be specific about what you need in the kitchen, as there is a limited space to accommodate the things. Here are twenty-one small kitchen design ideas that you will find useful. You may also See Kitchen Sink Designs

Small Galley Kitchen Design

small galley kitchen design

David Scott Interiors

For a small gallery kitchen, you can place the long floor cabinets along the longer walls. A brown floor ideal for the kitchen. Use marble countertops on the cabinets to get a classy look. This design is ideal for restaurants and bars.

Small U Shaped Kitchen Design

small u shaped kitchen design


When you have a square area, this is the ideal design. There are countertops on three sides along with all the necessary accessories. A large window on the rear wall makes the room bright. Get a bright round light suspended from the middle of the ceiling.

Small Open Kitchen Design

small open kitchen design

Cream & Black Interior Design

In these kitchens, get a large kitchen island so that you can arrange for dining setting on the other side. Get a ceiling light right above the island, and white walls are ideal for the kitchen.

Small Modern Kitchen Design

small modern kitchen design

Urban Homes - Innovative Design for Kitchen & Bath

In a small modern kitchen, you can make optimum utility of space when you have wall cabinets on all sides of the shorter wall. In the centre, you can incorporate a countertop made of black stone. White walls and ceiling go well with the setting.

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

small apartment kitchen design

Vertebrae Architecture

In apartment kitchens, the shelves are placed high on the wall. The floor cabinets are white in colour to create a good match with the shelves and walls. Sophisticated interior design adds to the elegance of the kitchen.

Small Country Kitchen Design

small country kitchen design

Douglas Design Studio

If you look out for country kitchen designs, square grilled windows are ideal for the room. You can opt for a wooden ceiling. Small pendant lights look classy with this setting. You may also See Kitchen Storage Designs

Small Kitchen Interior Design

small kitchen interior design

Castles Interiors

In a small kitchen, use the space under the countertop to place necessary gadgets. The walls are fully used to make room for shelves. Small floor cabinets are incorporated to ensure every bit of space is used.

Small Restaurant Kitchen Design

small restaurant kitchen design

Venegas and Company

When there is a limited space in restaurants, you can go for centrally positioned kitchen islands. The steel island goes well with the white interior. You can use the surrounding space for movement and placing other accessories.

Small L Shaped Kitchen Design

small l shaped kitchen design

Maxwell & Company Architects

In ‘L’ shaped kitchens, you can fix the floor cabinets along the side walls. Just above the cabinets, you can fix the shelves. Use light brown for both the furniture and make room for a countertop in the small space in between them.

Small Square Kitchen Design Idea

small square kitchen design idea

Archetype Design Studio

If you have a square kitchen, you can complement the architectural beauty with classy furniture. The cabinets and shelves are all polished in cherry colour. A grey backsplash is ideal for the room.

Small Commercial Kitchen Design

small commercial kitchen design

KitchenLab Design | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors

In the case of small commercial kitchens, fix the tall cabinets along the walls and make use of the corners. A wooden floor is ideal for the setting. Get a steel kitchen island in the centre.

Small White Kitchen Design

small white kitchen design


White kitchens are sophisticated, and you can incorporate light brown countertops in this kitchen. The shelves and cabinets are also polished in a light wooden shade. White pendant lights are ideal for the setting.

Contemporary Small Kitchen Design

contemporary small kitchen design

Alex Maguire Photography

Contemporary kitchens have a bright look with large window panes. You can make use of the available space by fixing the shelf in a corner. You can also use the drawers in the cabinet to place accessories.

Small Kitchen Tiles Design

small kitchen tiles design

Katie Hastings Design LLC

When you look out for a bright mix of colours, go for orange, black and cream coloured tiles for the walls. The small square tiles look beautiful when you have bright lights in the kitchen.

Kitchen Designing Tips

When you design a small kitchen, use the entire available space. Place the cabinets on the floor along the horizontal walls. You can make use if the height of the room by installing wall cabinets right above the ones on the floor. In the space between the cabinets, you can design the countertop. For the shelves, use the shorter walls and high shelves are ideal for small rooms. Use bright and bold colours for small kitchens. You can decorate the kitchen using floral patterns on the walls and other accessories. You may also See Kitchen Tile Designs

When you look out for small kitchen design themes, you need to be specific about the interior design. At the same time, you need to create a compatibility with the walls colour, floor design and other aspects in the kitchen. There are new ideas coming up every day, and if you innovate a new small kitchen design idea for your home, you can share it with us.

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