Rug designs are created in order to provide you with stylish and warm features that will complete your space. You can see rugs in every space, indoors and outdoors and same applies to the kitchen area. Adding a stylish rug will make your space look warm while adding a pop of color or an interesting pattern decorating the space. In this post you will find a collection of kitchen rugs that will draw your attention.

Round Kitchen Rug Ideas

The round shape is suitable for kitchen’s that have square shape. This will add a soft touch to the design while making it look stylish. Choose a pattern that complements both your flooring design as well as the kitchen’s furnishings.

round kitchen rug ideas

Corner Kitchen Rugs

There is a great variety of corner rug designs for kitchens. You can incorporate a complex pattern that will add visual interest and color in a neutral kitchen design or you can go for a minimalistic design in monochrome color.

corner kitchen rugs

Country Kitchen Rug Designs

In country style rugs you will find many designs like animals, flowers, and geometric patterns. These designs consist of earthy tones based on brown and beige along with pops of other colors creating a charming design for your country kitchen.

country kitchen rug designs

Garrison Hullinger

L-Shaped Kitchen Rugs

L-shaped rugs will make your kitchen look neat and stylish with little effort. The designs come to you in various materials like wool blend, synthetic, bamboo, and acrylic while the colors will give stunning ideas to decorate your space.

l shaped kitchen rugs

Kitchens By Kleweno

Kitchen Table Rug Ideas

Choose the right rug depending on the shape of your kitchen’s table. This will help you bring balance in your space incorporating a warm look in your kitchen space. For the color, you can go for a bright color combination.

kitchen table rug ideas

Desire to Inspire

Colorful Kitchen Rugs

Multicolored choices can give you multiple fashionable results. Many of these designs have extra features like stain resistant and non-slip giving you a practical design for your kitchen with beautiful colors and stunning patterns that bring a character in your space.

colorful kitchen rugs

Melton Design Build

Small Kitchen Rug Designs

Just because a kitchen is small it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a stylish rug. Rugs come in various sizes to help cover everyone’s needs for fashion and practicality. Wool, cotton and synthetic materials will give you incredible results.

small kitchen rug designs

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Modern Kitchen Rugs

Modern designs have a minimalistic approach that adds style in your space. You can choose a design that has abstract or geometric patterns with an elegant combination of colors that will blend well with a modern and contemporary kitchen design.

modern kitchen rugs

Dan Brunn Architecture

Braided Kitchen Rug Ideas

Braided rugs are one of the top trends for the last couple years. They add a homey feeling to your kitchen while bringing an interesting weave in the space. You can find it in monochrome and multicolored designs to choose.

braided kitchen rug ideas

Lisa Petrole Photography

Kitchen Runner Rug Ideas

An interesting runner rug will sure make your kitchen look trendy. You will find them in various sizes to fit your needs while their designs feature many patterns and color combinations bringing you excellent results that will give extra character.

kitchen runner rug ideas

Best & Company

Kitchen rugs bring color in every space that favors neutral shades. Moreover, rugs can give you a soft cushiony feeling that will help your feet a lot while working on your culinary arts. Additionally, a nice kitchen rug will keep your feet warm during the cold months of the year.

In case your kitchen connects with an outdoor space like a deck or back porch then you can match the two spaces with kitchen and outdoor rugs. This will allow you to create a smooth transition from one space to the next adding character and style in a creative way.

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