Many homeowners around the world ignore the faucet designs and opt for the most affordable option regarding it as something unimportant. However, faucets are not only created for their practical use but also for their contribution to the space’s style. In kitchens where the faucet is mostly used, a well-designed piece can complete the space’s look adding character. In this post, you will find a collection of kitchen faucet designs to get inspired from. You may also see Kitchen Sink Designs

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Whether it’s a high arched design or a two handle one you can find the faucet that covers your needs while adding to the kitchen’s style. Choose the right material based on the space’s style maintaining the functionality of it.

Simple Kitchen Sink Faucet

simple kitchen sink faucet

Nathan Cuttle Design

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Wall mount designs can give you a classic look that will make your kitchen scrumptious. From pot filler faucets to cross handled options, you can find many designs to complete your kitchen with. The materials available are chrome, nickel, and bronze. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet

wall mount kitchen sink faucet

Modern Kitchen Faucets

You can choose a design with soft curves or with crisp angles that will make your kitchen look fantastic. Minimalistic designs will give you an exquisite look with a stylish design and characteristic simplicity making the kitchen sink look exceptional too.

Modern Kitchen Sink Faucet

modern kitchen sink faucet

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

Pull out faucets are the most convenient features a kitchen can have. Suitable for washing large pots and pans, the pull out designs can give you various styles. They are available in bronze, gold and stainless steel as well as chrome designs. You may also see Rustic Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Pull Out Faucet

modern kitchen pull out faucet

Industrial Kitchen Faucets

Most industrial faucet designs follow a minimalistic approach. Incorporating the various metals, these designs come to you with both standard and high arch spout giving you multiple choices for the mounting as well as the faucet handle type to go for.

Industrial Kitchen Prep Faucet

industrial kitchen prep faucet

Black Kitchen Faucet Designs

In case you want something different then you should go for a black faucet design. These designs have a beautiful color that blends well in light and dark colored theme kitchens. You can choose a simple design or an elaborate one. You may also see Kitchen Island Designs

Double Handle Black Kitchen Faucet

double handle black kitchen faucet

Vintage Kitchen Faucets

Vintage pieces have soft curves and stylish designs that will add a dreamy look in your kitchen. These designs come in lever or cross handles that add to the style. Go for bronze, brass or gold in order for an extra class.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

vintage farmhouse kitchen faucet

Contemporary Kitchen Faucets

Contemporary designs have a sturdy look that can be incorporated to any kitchen. They come in various materials like nickel, chrome, and stainless steel while you can pick from a wide selection of high arc or standard designs for functionality. You may also see Kitchen Wall Panel Designs

Contemporary Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

contemporary single hole kitchen faucet

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets

A farmhouse design will provide you with a high-class design while allowing you to maintain the current style of your kitchen accentuating it with a wonderful material. Go for a smart design with elegant levers to gain a magnificent touch.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Faucet

farmhouse kitchen sink faucet

Luxury Kitchen Faucets

In case you want to achieve a luxurious look for your kitchen then you should go for the appropriate faucet design. There is a great variety of faucets to choose in various types like the bridge, gantry or bar for extra character.

Stainless Steel Luxury Kitchen Faucet

stainless steel luxury kitchen faucet

Outdoor Kitchen Faucets

If your outdoor kitchen is not covered with a pergola then you will definitely need a faucet design with weather resistant qualities. As the indoors faucets, the same rules apply in this space, choosing a design that complements the kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Faucet

outdoor kitchen sink faucet

Photo by Chipper Hatter

Country Kitchen Faucets

Country faucets have a wonderful design that can make your space look stylish while at the same time maintaining its style. You can choose among brass, oil brushed bronze and nickel that will complement your kitchen sink with extra character.

Country Cottage Kitchen Faucet

country cottage kitchen faucet

Traditional Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to traditional designs the faucet you should go for has to look stunning no matter what material you choose. From one to two handles and from standard to high arc spouts you can choose from many designs.

Single Handle Traditional Kitchen Faucet

single handle traditional kitchen faucet

Rustic Kitchen Faucets

Rustic designs have a stylish factor that blends easily in rural designed kitchens. You can find these faucets in bronze, brass and painted chrome that will give you a high-quality product that you will use for years to come.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

rustic farmhouse kitchen faucet

Choose the faucet design that will cover your needs while giving you a stylish addition. Make your kitchen area look put together with an elegant design that will add a marvelous tone through its design and material. There is one faucet for every kitchen so feel free to find yours.

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