White with black, evergreen!

White with yellow, edgy!

A well-complimented look, either your outfit or your house is always considered evergreen, but sometimes perfect coordination gives way to monotony and repetition. So, to avoid the dull look it is always better to incorporate some contrast by mix and match of different styles, finishes, and shapes. Make sure to maintain a uniformity while selecting different styles so that your edgy look doesn’t transform into a disoriented mess.
Today we are going to give you some neat tricks to mix and match your home’s highest-risk investment, your kitchen.

Two-tone Kitchen


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Two-tone kitchens are in trend nowadays. Dark bottom cabinets with lighter counter tops are one way to bring contrast, if you are just starting up with remodeling your kitchen. The look is classic and appealing and would definitely not go out of style in the coming 10 years.

Mismatched Accessories


If you don’t want a fixed contrast to your kitchen, add a mismatched accessory to your kitchen that is easily changeable, like a colorful chair. You can easily find some vintage pieces to put together for the look. Not only it saves the cost for buying a complete matching set but also marks a popular Bohemian look.

Going the Extra Mile


Before adding too many elements to your kitchen, try and visualize the final look. Stainless range hood, white sink faucet, brass cabinet hardware and copper accessories along with the white and black check floor can sometimes be a little too much for everyday use. Over-detailing might end up surmounting the whole look.

Contrast with Wood


If you majorly have wood tones in your kitchen, intersperse some white section with (white paint and furnishings etc) to break down the nutty feeling. Add a bright color counter top to bring vibrancy to the complete look.

Haphazard Contrast


Only if you and your house can pull it off, you can bring a strong contrast to the kitchen by mixing several elements. This kitchen from Brick Studio in Amsterdam has a lot of elements incorporated. From white cabinets to old-school copper backsplash, beige oven, mint green Smeg fridge, modern shell chair, all give the kitchen a well managed haphazard look, that would any day be better than a matching coordinated kitchen.

One Element Contrast



If you are not willing to risk the elegant white look of your kitchen, but still want to bring some minimal contrast, a simple and excellent way would be to add one plywood door to your otherwise white cabinet and you would be amazed by the distinct change it brings to your kitchen.

Pastel and Bright Palette Contrast

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Dries Otten’s modern kitchen designed and carefully coordinated with pastel and bright paint palette makes it a unique remodeling choice for your kitchen. The look is clean and inventive and hence is worth the experiment.

Contrast with Tile


patchwork victorian tiles 79270 1900

Planning to retile your kitchen floor or wall, patchwork cement tile offers a contrasting choice. The tile has been around for a long time, but before you decide to cover the entire floor or wall make sure you really like the tile, as the patchwork tile looks quite appealing when used in a small area but covering the entire surface can sometimes make the look too overbearing for the eye.

Bright Color Contrast


kitchen and beautiful blue door copy

Bright contrast is not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are one of the few who like it here is an inspiration.

This Scandinavian kitchen throws in some mixed patterns and pastel colors, found on the walls, floors, and accessories. The result comes out too cheerful and bright. Definitely not for the people who love white as this look might just bring out ‘the Pheobe’ in you.


Contrast with Vibrant Shapes

synne skjulstad interior

Another bold and vivacious choice for the ‘color’ful people would be to add combination of shapes, vibrant colors, finishes and various materials to make a dynamic impact.apartmenttherapy.com

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