Asian Wall Art is noted for its variety and elegance. People love to incorporate these designs into the contemporary homes to get a touch of sophistication. There are different themes and effects that these wall art designs can produce. The decals, wall hangings and panels can be judiciously used to make the home beautiful. Each of these elements has their own beauty and people customize these according to their needs. Here are some of the best Asian wall art ideas just for you. You may also See Kitchen Wall Art Designs

Oriental Wall Art Idea

oriental wall art idea

The walls of dining rooms crave for something rich. This particular wall art idea is based on copper indoor fountains. This oriental design looks good, with a golden-brown tinge placed on square panels. Get a black or dark background to match the color with the chairs. The relatively lighter flooring goes well with this setting.

Japanese Wall Art

japanese wall art

Design by : strelka

The Japanese wall décor is one of the trending concepts in many parts of the world. These look good when you place them above the bed. A dark brown bedframe complements the look of the room. The bedframe is matched with the color of the grid-pattern in the ceiling. Get a light brown floor for the room and the wall color behind the art is also the same.

Asian Wall Mural Design

The dragon art is a popular design in the Asian culture. In the cottage-styled houses with white walls, the Asian wall decals are used by the dragon art lovers. You can use the light yellow color for the dragon, which looks great along with round bright lights in the room. You may also See Japanese Wall Art Designs

Chinese Wall Decor

chinese wall decor

Acrylic paintings are popular for its elegance and vibrancy, and it is a part of the Chinese culture. The golden-yellow backdrop of the Asian wall panels looks beautiful. The bottom of the painting turns brownish and there is an artwork with white textures that represent blossoms. These are ideal for the living rooms.

Asian Wall Hanging Idea

asian wall hanging idea

Large, dark and conspicuous wall hangings are a part of elegant rooms. If you have a spacious dining room with wooden floors and large window panes, you can use this design to complement the interior. Paint the ceiling white and the walls in a light cream color, and contemporary faux lounge chairs for the room.

Oriental Wall Decals

oriental wall decals

The rooms for kids must look simple yet appealing. So, you can use the oriental wall decals that are themed on plants and floral designs. These go well with white walls and dark brown furniture. Get a blue and white carpet for the room to yield a good look. A matching blue cradle will make the room complete.

Large metal Wall Art

large metal wall art

Many modern lounges and sitting rooms incorporate the metal art idea to deliver a rich look to the walls. These are shiny and bright, and creates a great contrast with the dark brown walls and floors. You can get a white sofa for the room, and the entire combination looks graceful.

Modern Wall Art Decor

modern wall art decor

If you are a lover of nature, you will probably like the bamboo stalk decal for the wall. You can use this art style in the living room. These are vinyl stickers that you can use on light colored walls. These are ideal for rooms with a light brown floor. You may also See Bamboo Wall Art Designs

Large Asian Wall Art

large asian wall art

This is an abstract wall art, and when you incorporate this particular decorative idea for the walls, they indeed took conspicuously. These are divided into a number of sections, and in the center, there are a few colorful areas like yellow, blue and red. The sides of the panel are white in color.

Vintage Wall Art Idea

This is a vintage mural art that you can use in the walls of small dining rooms. The theme of the art is fish, and these are ideal for the dining rooms with white walls and wooden floors. Paste the sticker right above the table on the wall to make the room beautiful and gorgeous.

Asian Interior Wall Art

asian interior wall art

Design by : Designers House

Traditional Asian Wall Art

traditional asian wall art

Asian Dining Room Wall Art

asian dining room wall art

Design by : nicole helene designs

Asian Wall Art Design

asian wall art design

Asian Bedroom Wall Art Design

asian bedroom wall art design

Asian Bamboo Wall Art

asian bamboo wall art

Well, there are too many wall arts from Asia and people find it hard to decide where to use a particular design. So, when you want to bump up the looks of your home with the ideal Asian Wall Art, you can choose a particular theme or design according to the other features of the interior of the room. You can have your own innovative ideas as well, and feel free to share them with us.

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