Want to give your home a spectacular look? Then adding some sparkle to its walls can be a great way to achieve the ambition and render your home more elegant. Sparkling walls can be especially great with the interior walls of your home. Other than being an innovative way of adorning the kids’ playroom, sparkled walls can produce a number of designs that can create a splendid look of your living room. The designs can help make your home both gorgeous and a novelty. You may also see Wooden Wall Designs

Cool Sparkle Wall Design for Kitchen

cool sparkle wall design for kitchen


Modern Sparkle Wall Design

modern sparkle wall design


Sparkle Wall Bathroom Design

sparkle wall bathroom design


Under certain circumstances, excessive sparkle can just be too overwhelming. This is especially true if you have an extensive wall to do the sparkling. In such instances, spraying on the glitter on your colour of choice can be great. For the best results, it’s advisable to spray the glitter while the paint is still wet. This gives you greater design flexibility. You can spray on the patterns of your choice such as stars, a name, etc. You may also see Stone Wall Designs

Bedroom Sparkle Wall Design

bedroom sparkle wall design


Sparkle Wall with Wooden Shelves

sparkle wall with wooden shelves


Contemporary Bathroom Sparkle Wall Design

contemporary bathroom sparkle wall design

Darren Grayson Designers

Sparkle Wall Design with Fireplace

sparkle wall design with fireplace


Sparkle Wall Art Design Idea

sparkle wall art design idea

Alan Design Studio

Elegant Sparkle Wallpaper Design

elegant sparkle wallpaper design


Grey Sparkle Wall Design for Dining Room

grey sparkle wall design for dining room


Sparkle Wall Home office Design

sparkle wall home office design


Traditional Sparkle Wall Design

traditional sparkle wall design

Design by Studio 6 Architects

Beautiful Sparkle Wall Design

beautiful sparkle wall design


Simple Sparkle Wall Design

simple sparkle wall design


Sparkle walls can really enhance the luxuriating atmosphere necessary in a formal setting. The result is even better if it’s infused with a moderate colour. Plus, it should be blended well with highly fashionable furniture, flooring, ceiling and befitting lighting elements. You may also see 3d Wall Designs

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