You can have plain painted walls and be content with them. But, you can choose to have one wall in each room designed differently if you want to achieve a great focal point.Traditionally, paintings are used to create focal points – especially in the living room and the bedroom. Though this is still a very much acceptable concept, other people are opting for other wall art design alternatives.

Dining Room Wall Art Idea

dining room wall art idea

Colorful Wall Design In Living Room

colorful wall design in living room

Tree designs are very common these days. You can see living rooms with one light-colored wall designed with a tree or just a branch of a tree (coming out of nowhere). In most cases, this design is used in the wall where couches or beds are positioned against. A single branch with a few leaves and flowers – designed horizontally – is an ideal option for that wall where the TV is set up against.

Contemporary Room Wall Art Design

contemporary room wall art design

Classic Wall Design Idea

classic wall design idea

Transitional Kids Bedroom Wall Design

transitional kids bedroom wall design

Beach Style Paint Art On Wall

beach style paint on wall

Traditional Dining Room Wall Design Idea

traditional dining room wall design idea

Unique Wall Paint For Bedroom

unique wall paint for bedroom

If you can use trees for wall design, why not consider flowers, right? Have huge flowers scattered on one wall and it will be like bringing in spring inside your home. For a more sunshiny effect, add an image of the sun in the design.

Classy Bed Room Wall Painting

classy bed room wall painting

Different Pictures Wall Art Idea

different pictures wall art idea

Flowers Wall Art In Bedroom

flowers wall art in bedroom

Simple Tree Wall Art

simple tree wall art

Mediterranean Royal Wall Design

meditteranean royal wall design

Living Room Wall Design

living room wall design

Contemporary Family Room Horses Art

contemporary family room horses art

Unique Wall Art Idea For Kids Bedroom

unique wall art idea for kids bedroom

World Map Wall Art Design

world map wall art design

Other great wall art design ideas include; peacocks, silhouettes of ballerinas, colorful butterflies, dragons, human forms, birds, women’s faces (Marilyn Monroe is a popular choice), and different mural abstract patterns.

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