Contemporary homes are quite experimental with the wall panels. There are a number of innovative designs which bring a classy touch to the interior of the house. People have been increasingly using the Glass Wall Panel idea in various parts of their homes. These deliver a 3-D effect to the rooms, and can be customised for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. Here are ten grand glass wall panel ideas that you will find sophisticated for your house.

Glass Board Wall Panel

glass board wall panel

Long dining halls look great when board wall panels made of glass are incorporated in them. These go well with the large window panes on the other side. A natural dark shaded flooring theme contrasts well with the white ceiling in this room. Get brown chairs in the room to create a match here.

Shower Glass Wall Panel

shower glass wall panel

Modern bathrooms look great when you have a shower glass wall panel in it. Along with a glass countertop, it brings a sophisticated look to your bathroom. The multi-colored tiles go well with the white walls here. The crystalline effect of the glass wall panel is what you should look out for.

Interior Glass Wall Cladding

interior glass wall cladding

Design by : Resonate Interiors

Spacious halls in restaurants or other areas look elegant when you incorporate this particular setting. There is a light wooden floor in the room. Indirect lighting makes the glass live up to the ambience. Black chairs and sleek tables make the perfect match here.

Glass Wall Panel Lights

glass wall panel lights

The rooms with elegant interior bask in glory when you get in touch with the royal wall panel lights. This particular setting turns up to be classy when the room has a wooden ceiling. The stained glass panel makes the room even more sophisticated. A brown short table in the centre goes well with the room.

Stained Glass Wall Panel

stained glass wall panel

There are a number of contemporary mansions where acrylic glass wall panel delivers a polished look. Paint the glass panels in shades of red, yellow and blue. Yellow walls on the opposite side complement the look of the hall. Get a polished natural floor for the room.

Black Glass Wall Panel

black glass wall panel

The black colour is rich in elegance. A modern bedroom looks sophisticated when you incorporate the black glass wall panel idea in it. The smoke glass complements the white walls and wooden floors. Get a wooden bed for the room to create a complete match.

Glass Panel Wall Decor

glass panel wall lamp

Design by : FINNE Architects

Houses with glass walls look beautiful when you blend it with wood. A wall lamp is ideal for this setting. The large glass panels are complemented by the slanted wooden ceiling. There are thin wooden frames around the glass. Fix some small pendant lights in the ceiling.

Bathroom Glass Wall Panel

bathroom glass wall panel

Glass wall panels can make a bathroom tailored to perfection. Use green-based frosted glass for this purpose. The shower screens look classy with the right incorporation of glass. The wooden floors make a great contrast with the glass walls in the room.

Wall Mounted Glass Panel

wall mounted glass panel

Sometimes people sue these glass panels as screens to divide the rooms. You can use this half wall glass panel idea to bring a grand look in the drawing room. The dark, polished wooden floors have a good contrast with the glass. The frosted glass makes the room sophisticated.

Glass Wall Panel Art

glass wall panel art

Luxurious homes crave for beautiful walls. The acrylic glass wall panel makes the room customised according to the desired theme. The orange-brown color of the pillars and floor is complemented by the contrasting acrylic paintings on the walls. Get matching furniture for the room to create a stunning effect.

Office Glass Wall Panel Design

office glass wall panel design

Design by : Mobilitis

Bathroom Shower Glass Wall Panel

bathroom glass wall lamp idea

Modern Office Glass Wall Panel

modern office glass wall panel

Design by : Gindi Studio

Open Living Glass Wall Panel Idea

open living glass wall panel idea

Meeting Room Glass Wall Panel

meeting room glass wall panel

Exterior Glass Wall Panel Idea

exterior glass wall panel idea

Living Room Glass Wall Panel Light

living room glass wall panel light

Design by : Mauricio Nava Design

Traditional Glass Wall Panel Design

traditional glass wall panel design

A Glass Wall Panel can transform an ordinary room into something elegant and luxurious. The contemporary glass art is still evolving and you can get stunning three-dimensional effects with the right incorporation of glass wall panels. Make sure that all the interior accessories enjoy a good compatibility with the glass wall panels. You can create new ideas for the interior decoration. Let us know about your innovative glass wall panel design ideas.

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