Wall clocks are important features in any kind of structure or establishment. A home interior is never complete unless a clock is hanging on a wall. For modern design structures, contemporary wall clocks are the best choices. Some people like handmade wall clocks because they are more durable, but of course, they are also more expensive. Another option is an antique wall clock. But you must have a traditional home for that piece to get well along with the home interior.

Large Contemporary Wall Clocks

large contemporary wall clocks


This large red modern wall clock definitely stands out amidst the sea of whiteness. The design is very contemporary with traditional numbers missing. It is a very huge and simple clock that tells time through the silver/white hands and silver dots.

White Contemporary Wall Clock

white contemporary wall clock


If you want a totally unique wall clock, have one built on your wall like this one installed in a boy’s room. The big numbers are wall graffitis and the clock arms really work.

Contemporary Kitchen Wall Clock

contemporary kitchen wall clock


Creating a wall clock is easy, just buy a kit online and you can come up with a true to life wall clock. Not just something that you can stick or hang on the wall, but a wall that really becomes the clock. This set of white clock hands is installed on a black wall, and the result is a minimalistic masterpiece. You can also see Pendulum Wall Clock Designs

Contemporary Glass Wall Clock

contemporary glass wall clock


This mirror wall clock is large enough to act as a wall/division between rooms. It is definitely a home interior accessory that is very functional. You can also see Amazing Wall Clock Designs

Wooden Contemporary Wall Clock

wooden contemporary wall clock


This wooden wall clock provides a rustic look into this modern office. This is definitely a man’s room and the clock somehow matches the hanging antlers on the other side of the window.

Contemporary Metal Wall Clock

contemporary metal wall clock


If rustic in modern design is what you are aiming for, you should consider getting something like this metal wall clock. It also looks like an industrial wall clock and hanging it on a home interior is really a risk, but one that is worth it because the result is stunning and effective.

Contemporary Pendulum Wall Clock

contemporary pendulum wall clock


An antique wall clock can also go well with a contemporary home interior. This pendulum clock, for instance, does not look out of place. Rather, it stands tall, proud and functional.

Small Contemporary Wall Clock

small contemporary wall clock


You do not need a huge wall clock to have a modern time telling accessory at home. This kitchen has a small wall clock in very simple design – it tells time and provides a nice decorative accent to a beautifully done wall in Clockcalacatta gold marble.

Brown Contemporary Wall Clock

brown contemporary wall clock

Design by Lulu Designs

This small dining area is design in a minimalistic approach. That does not mean though that it is boring. On the contrary, the uniqueness of the accents allows the room to be totally eclectic without being cluttered or flashy. The wall clock in natural wood provides the rustic look, while the photo wall gives the room additional points of interest.

Contemporary Round Wall Clock

contemporary round wall clock

Design by Shelley Morris Interiors

This round wall clock is antique in design but it looks so perfect as it hangs on the white wall. The size of the clock eliminates the need for additional wall decor, as it provides sufficient decorative and functional feature.

Colorful Contemporary Wall Clock

colorful contemporary wall clock

Contemporary Black Wall Clock

contemporary black wall clock


Contemporary Silver Wall Clock

contemporary silver wall clock


Contemporary Mirror Wall Clock

contemporary mirror wall clock


Interior Contemporary Wall Clock

interior contemporary wall clock


Vintage Contemporary Wall Clock

vintage contemporary wall clock


Tiny Contemporary Wall Clock Idea

tiny contemporary wall clock idea


Having a wall clock is a natural thing. Every house has one. You can go for the traditional simple wall clock or you can choose to use modern wall clocks. The choices are plenty and different. For instance, a pendulum wall clock may not be modern in design, but when incorporated into the right setting, it can be a true masterpiece.

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