Looking for a big and old timepiece for your wall? A pendulum clock would be the perfect way to beef up the décor. Apart from the rustic and bold looks, a pendulum clock always brings in a sense of time into the room. Getting to know the passage of every hour keeps you at your feet can be a god way of managing your schedule. If you are ready to buy a pendulum clock, here are some designs you should be looking for.

Large Pendulum Wall Clock

large pendulum wall clock

Now, this pendulum clock comes in a boxed design wherein both the clock and the pendulum are housed within a box. This piece would be a good idea for a traditional living room. You can also see Unique Wall Clock Designs

Metal Pendulum Wall Clock

metal pendulum wall clock

Another traditional form of a pendulum clock, this time, it comes in a gorgeous frame. The flowery metal artwork surrounding the clock immediately makes things more interesting and you would love to have it in your home.

Contemporary Pendulum Wall Clock

contemporary pendulum wall clock

This time, the pendulum clock comes with a rich traditional design and in a figure of ‘eight’. The classic yet modern frame for the clock makes it a good addition to both homes and offices. Further, the clock has volume control and you will not necessarily have to get attentive to every hour that passes by.

Oak Pendulum Wall Clock

oak pendulum wall clock

This pendulum comes in a beautifully crafted case with stylish brass accents, easily carrying you back to the past century. If you own a traditional / rustic living room, this would be a great addition, preferably over the fireplace. The antique timepiece is made beautifully to guide you through the day.

Silver Pendulum Wall Clock

silver pendulum wall clock

Another gorgeous design for a pendulum clock, this time, it comes in Italian Silver. A great addition to any contemporary décor scheme, this clock can be a revelation.

Vintage Pendulum Wall Clock

vintage pendulum wall clock

If you have been looking for a really vintage design for your wall clock, this is it. Made from rich oak wood and stainless steel metal, this timepiece will go with extravagant décor.

Black Pendulum Wall Clock

black pendulum wall clock

Now, this is something really interesting and different than the rest. The body of the clock depicts the ambiance of a forest and the pendulum is creatively merged into the frame. This would be a perfect pick if you are trying to create a cool and mysterious home décor.

Solid Wood Pendulum Clock

solid wood pendulum clock

Trendy Pendulum Wall Clock

trendy pendulum wall clock

Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock

decorative pendulum wall clock

Unique Pendulum Wall Clock

unique pendulum wall clock

Cute Cat Pendulum Wall Clock

cute cat pendulum wall clock

Girl Swinging Pendulum Wall Clock

girl swinging pendulum wall clock

Cute Pendulum Wall Clock Design

cute pendulum wall clock design

Blue Pendulum Wall Clock

blue pendulum wall clock

Creative Pendulum Wall Clock

We hope you found the perfect pendulum wall clock for your new room. Further, if you have been able to lay your hands on other unique designs, do share them with us.

Antique Pendulum Wall Clock

Now, this would be a design that you can relate so closely to the Victorian age. Not too intricate, but this pendulum clock integrates the big and bold looks in rich wood. The Roman hours and the extra attachment for the pendulum make things more interesting.

Modern Pendulum Wall Clock

Pendulum clocks don’t necessarily mean those heavy wooden clocks of the past days. To meet the looks of your modern interior décor, here’s an interesting form of a pendulum clock. The body of the clock is made from a single piece of pain cut wood and there’s a plastic attachment for the pendulum. The combination looks really interesting and can be a choice for any modern home.

Wood Pendulum Wall Clock

This is a really cool design for a clock. Perfect for a kid’s room or a modern living room, the entire clock, including the pendulum, is made of wood. The interesting part is, however, the pendulum that comes in the form of a girl on a swing.

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