We all have numerous plastic bottles, cans, containers lying around in our house with no use at all, instead of discarding them we can recycle and create something useful and pretty. This could be your personal contribution to your home and earth. Now coming to the important aspect of DIY projects i.e. creativity, if you feel you are not as creative to do something extraordinary as those designers, not to worry, all of us are in the same boat. But we here at DesignTrends are not going to let you sink and guide you with some amazing designs you can try at your home with minimal assistance

Bird feeder

If you are new to DIY projects this basic and simple plastic bottle bird feeder could be worth the try. All you need is a sturdy bottle with two or three spoons. Create a small opening to fit the stick end of the spoon, as shown in the picture, the opening will let small amount of birdfeed out at a time, creating minimum wastage and will help to feed the birds. You can put the bottle in your balcony or where ever you see birds visiting your house the most. This 10 minute project could be lot of help to our feathery friends


Vertical garden

Another fun and easy project to try with plastic bottles will definitely be vertical garden for your home. The end result of this project would turn out to be worth all your efforts. If you have a concrete wall, which lacks design, this DIY vertical garden would help to spruce up your garden and living space. These hanging plants can add beauty to a other wise dull wall or a house. If you are willing to work a little harder, you can paint the bottles in your favorite colors with different designs to make your garden, one of a kind.


Jewelry Organizer

This DIY would be of help to all the girls and ladies who like to stock up on accessories and are falling short of places to keep it. These cheap and cute jewelry organizers made out of plastic bottle are worth a try. They are easy to make and would help you keep your accessories intact in one place

plastic bottle art architectureartdesigns 27 630x982

Cute Containers

Another very cute recycled plastic bottle project could be these containers.

plastic bottle recycling ideas 63



These containers made out of bottles can be used as indoor planters or for the kids room to store stationery.  First cut the bottom half of the bottle and then give the desired shape to the container. You can paint it as per your choice

Paint Stamp

If you are in mood to create textures using objects, we have one more option for you. The bottom end of the bottles can be use to create flower shaped stamps. You just have to dip it in color and start stamping on canvas, chart wall or where ever your creative inclination leads you.

plastic bottles recycling ideas 6

Flower Petal Decoration

One of the slightly more difficult but for sure a fun DIY to do. Flower petal decorations can be used for festive decorations or just as a craft for your inspiration board.

plastic bottle art architectureartdesigns 5 630x472


You can even use these recycled flowers as hanging decorations for your home.

plastic bottle art designrulz 14

plastic bottle art architectureartdesigns 1 630x483

They say creativity knows no bar, and we know you too will agree after seeing these creations made out of bottle caps

Bottle cap decorations

plastic bottles recycling ideas 31

plastic bottles recycling ideas 30

plastic bottles recycling ideas 29

Mosaic From Caps Left By Hurricane Sandy

plastic bottles recycling ideas 16

plastic bottles recycling ideas 131

plastic bottles recycling ideas 141

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