The concept of sustainability has finally come out of the closets and people have begun to embrace the idea of eco-friendly living. The wide acceptance has also encouraged the designers to actually push their limits of creativity and come up with designs that are sometimes so unique, daring and unconventionally attractive that they will actually make you regret all the years you have spent with the not so environment-friendly material.

1. Drinking Straw Furniture

With the plastic used in every second piece of packaging, the material is present almost everywhere around us. It might sound odd, but Promise Design found an interesting way to utilise the thousands of drinking straws by stacking and placing them together to create a chair and ottoman. The very result of the chair might not be unique in its appearance but it is sure an efficient way to keep the material from being dumped in the bin.


drinking straw furniture

2. Chairs From 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles

Cohda Design is making chairs completely out of 100% waste and discarded plastic. The chair which is called Roughly Drawn 4 (RD4) looks close to a kid’s crisscrossed sketch work. The chair is made by winding the plastic around a piece of foam for support and shape.

recycled chair


3. Tables Made From Recycled Table Legs

Each one of us must have come across unique and attractive table designs but we can be sure that this sustainable table made entirely of table legs can be the most distinct design to land on top of your list. This timber table is made by pieces (table legs) cut from other projects which were also made from recycled materials. Centred around the idea of minimising waste, the project is innovative and creative in its form.

tables made from recycled table legs

4. Unused Beehives Upcycled Into Furniture Design For The Home

Israel-based Beekeeper takes the old beehives and converts them into an interesting piece of furniture for the home. Upcycling beehives not only brings attention to the situation of bees but also make the environment of our home buzz with natural energy, says founder Hagar Pundak.

unused beehives upcycled into furniture design for the home

5. Discarded Textile Used To Create Stylish Floor Rugs

By using discarded textile fabric, Re Rag Rug created an experimental design project that explores the sustainability of rug. Discarded fabric gets a new and creative form through the beautiful floor rugs. The scraps and pieces which were earlier worthless have found value in its appearance through the sustainable design.

discarded textile used to create stylish floor rug

discarded textile used to create stylish floor rugs

6. Set Of Wool Encased Seats

German designer Bastian Hoeges‘ Family of Stools’ takes inspiration from the classic tale of Goldilocks. Built using natural materials like wood and wool these wool upholstered seats can be a great addition to compliment with any style of decor.

set of wool encased seats

7. Tyro Chair

The discarded or neglected worn out tyres are used to create ethnic chairs by Industrial designers and real-life couple, Abhishek and Bhawana. The tyro chair is simple in its design and brings a one of kind seating arrangement for your home.

tyro chairs

tyro chair

8. Laptop Keys Used In Table Tops

Though every version of Apple laptop brings a new design upgrade at our disposal but what happens to the computers when they reach the end of their lifespan is a question in running. Bologna-based design studio VicoloPagliaCorta is reusing the computer keys from Apple laptops by placing them into tabletops, stools, clock faces, jewellery, and more. These designs are definitely extraordinary and multifunctional in its appearance.

laptop keys used in table tops

9. Chairs Made From Broom Handles

Dutch designer Reinier de Jong has used broomsticks in the design of the eco-friendly chair. Each piece is made from 10 metres of handles which reflect the traces of their former use. The designer for the project even invites donations from people to contribute their old wooden handles from brooms, rakes, shovels, flagpoles, and bannisters as long as they are 28 or 29 mm in diameter.

white cahir



steel chair

10. Tables Made From Industrial Pallets

Oldenburg, Germany-based furniture company ProduktWerft has developed a complete range of tables made from industrial pallets. These environmentally-friendly coffee tables, nightstands and end tables, designed by Sascha Akkermann are made from old industrial pallets, new caster wheels and biological furniture oil.

industrial pallets

tables industrial pallets


If you have not tried your hands in sustainable living, start by including few of the sustainable designs to make your home as eco-friendly as beautiful.

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