A lot of people are getting into gardening. There was a time when everything was done in the backyard, but as more and more people are taking up gardening as a hobby or for sustainable lifestyle, a new range of trends are coming up for the design of a basic garden. Nature plays a vital role in our survival, and how we reflect the same is really important. Increasing awareness has caused a major stir, and now the native and drought tolerant plants, container plantings, and edible gardens, though are here to stay but are no longer a trend. Check out the major trends this year when it comes to an amazing garden design.

A single color palette does more to your garden visually than multi-colors. To add a serene backdrop for outdoor living and textures in your garden, all you need to do is add a dash of black and thus add to the green contours of a landscape.

This trend started last year, and is becoming a major trend this year. Environmental friendly gravel gardens give you some space for sitting and walking area in your garden, and also make your gardens look much neat and manicured.


You can’t be suffocating inside your air tight garden. Just like you, your plants need to breathe too, and you can achieve that easily through a see through fence which would increase the air flow of your garden. And also can make your neighbor jealous on getting a peek of your fancy garden.


An environment friendly garden has to make sure it incorporates the 3R – recycle, reclaim and reuse. Same goes for the furniture you are using, and using a pallet style furnishing helps in providing a geometric focal point in your garden.


These are becoming a major trend and truly famous amongst gardeners across the globe. The main reason behind this kind of gardening is the change of weathers. A portable garden allows the planters on wheels to vacate the plot and move around easily, compared to your traditional garden.


Use the rollaway walls and remove the boundary between your living space and your garden space. This will allow you to be more inside the nature, even when you are sleeping on your bed.

The best bit about this is that now you won’t have to put bricks to create a path inside your garden. This will allow the travelers easily traverse through the garden, and if you don’t like the path, don’t worry. It will grow back by next season, and you can have a different path for yourself.

Though old fashioned, these are going to be a trend throughout the existence of gardens. The hue of electric blue hydrangeas is polarizing and mesmerizing at the same time. And if you can pair it with the blue of your swimming pool, then you have got yourself the trendiest garden.

You would want the extra water to flow off and not clog the roots of your garden plants. As useful as it is beautiful, the decorative French drain will definitely add an element of texture to your landscape design. Even if it doesn’t, it will definitely be useful.

Just add water to the rolled out pre-planted sheets which are impregnated with seeds and thus sprout an instant crop in your instant garden. The trend is followed from the last year, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst gardeners of all age.

If you are looking for a beautiful landscape for yourself and wildlife, but are not keen on taking the hard steps of maintaining a garden, then this is what you are looking for.

A garden cottage with a single room is basically all you need for your survival, making sure you have a garden with it. It can serve the purpose of a guest room or just a place to store your gardening equipments.

Messy is definitely in this season. And it is not just your hairstyle, but also the garden style. Let the grass outgrow a little; let the flowers look a little messy, but just as long as they are healthy. Easy to have, and difficult to maintain, this is not for everyone to have.

Now you can just roll out your perfect garden mat which has a turf or some wildflower or something of your own choice, and you have a garden to go.

These are not just to look fancy, but actually does good to your garden, by keeping out the unwanted weed and insects. Eggshells provide the necessary minerals to the soil like calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. Though it takes time for the eggshell to break down, it should be added twice for fall and spring.

So, in case you are working on your garden this year, and are not really sure how to go about it, fret not. Just follow the things mentioned above, a few if not all, and by the end of it, it is definite that you will have yourself a wonderful garden unlike you might have seen before.

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