It is human nature to make their surroundings appealing. Formal Garden Design makes the outdoor area alluring for residents and visitors as well. Use of geometrical shape and straight lines are the base of formal landscape. It is required to keep plantings well pruned and in an order to give formal touch. To grow flowers or vegetables, use natural wood raised beds as they give more formal look to your garden.

Formal Garden Sculpture

formal garden sculpture

Small Formal Garden Design

small formal garden design

Rustic Formal Garden Furniture

rustic formal garden furniture

Bamboos are durable and make the landscape more adorable when these are used to give support to plants. Previous trends were based on plantation of mini meadows, wild flowers, fruit orchards and succulent plants whereas vertical wall gardens, black accessories and black landscaping palette styles were not in use. Contemporary Formal Garden Design compels to use floral confetti, micro greens and pots of edible plants. Another new trend is use of specifically designed garden bells to give heavenly touch.

Stone Formal Garden Pathway

stone formal garden pathway

Formal Front Garden Idea

formal front garden ideas

Formal Garden Furniture Idea

formal garden furniture idea

Formal Garden Water Fountain

formal garden water fountain

Outdoor Formal Garden Patio

outdoor formal garden patio

Formal Garden Pot Plants

formal garden pot plants

Japanese Formal Garden Idea

japanese formal garden idea

Formal Garden Plants Idea

fomal garden plants idea

Portable gardening in form of terrariums and sky planters is on top. To overcome space issue, basement gardens with architectural planting are introduced. To avoid routine maintenance of garden floor, artificial turf is selected to get undeniable benefits. Water features were part of previous trends but LED lights and water flow music in formal Garden Design gives sensual experience.

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