Although gardening turns out to be an interesting pursuit for many people, incorporating an innovative border along the perimeter of the garden is often overlooked. When it comes to garden edging ideas, the commonly used materials are concrete and stone. Still, there are loads of innovative garden edging ideas with different materials like plastic, shells, discarded materials and so on. These can be customised according to the nature of the garden, be it a Roof Garden or a Shrub Garden. Scroll below to come across ten beautiful garden edging themes.

Wooden Garden Edging Idea

wooden garden edging idea

When you have a raised flower bed with seasonal flowers or herbs, go for a wooden edging for the garden. The winding pattern of the wooden border is a classy concept, and with stones spread around the area, you will get a beautiful look in the garden. It is a good concept for the side gardens of house.

Stone Garden Edging Design

stone garden edging design

Gardens with multiple sections of wooded areas look wonderful if you opt for the stone garden edging ideas. Along the gravel walkways around the garden, you can use the white cubical stones to line the sides of the planted areas. A pea gravel walkway is ideal for this setting.

Brick Garden Edging

brick garden edging

In case you want to amplify the beauty of your driveway garden, choose the brick edging to yield a compatible look. The right combination of red coloured bricks and white-based stones will make the garden elegant. The bricks are laid vertically and you can enhance the innovative edge by overlapping the layers at places.

Flower Garden Bed Edging

flower garden bed edging

In case you have a brick patio in the garden with flower planters and potted flowers, you can choose a patterned concrete garden edging theme. This theme goes well with courtyards with brick pavers in the garden. The tall Brick Wall Garden has a splendid look.

Timber Garden Edging Idea

timber garden edging idea

This is a rustic garden with timber retaining walls. You can incorporate the round garden beds for this purpose and the grey theme for the setting looks elegant and innovative. This theme works out well if you have a paved patio around.

Plastic Garden Edging

plastic garden edging

If you have a sundial garden, you can choose plastic materials to edge it. Plastic is a highly mouldable material, and you can get the desired look in your garden when you incorporate the right theme. This idea is ideal for sundial gardens with wide walkways paved in rectangular or square patterns.

Concrete Garden Edging Design

concrete garden edging design

If you want to get a natural look for the garden, concrete edging idea works out well. This is ideal for angular gardens and the zigzag pattern of the garden edge looks good. In case you opt for this particular setting, you can incorporate the pebbles between gravel theme for the surrounding area.

Metal Garden Edging

metal garden edging

When you have a vegetable garden in your house, you can try out the metal garden edging idea. There are thin strips of metal dividing the garden into columns. In between two beds of plants, you can design a walkway.

Zen Garden Edging Idea

zen garden edging idea

Gardens with raised flower beds and wooden benched look elegant when you opt for the zen garden edging idea. The tiered landscape is ideal for a cactus garden. There are patches of stone and gravel between the planters and the hanging succulents go well with the garden.

Wrought Iron Garden Edging

wrought iron garden edging

When you have a raised garden with blue stone steps, you can go for this particular design for your garden. There are smooth stucco walls around the garden and this is a typical urban garden setting you might find in modern houses. In the cave you have a rolled turf lawn, you can incorporate this setting in your home.

Gravel Garden Edging Idea

gravel garden edging idea

Design by Dorling Kindersley Limited

Bluestone Garden Edging

bluestone garden edging

Design by a Blade of Grass

Formal Garden Edging Design

formal garden edging design

Small Stone Garden Edging Design

small stone garden edging design

Backyard Garden Edging Idea

backyard garden edging idea

Design by Love Landscapes and Design

Vegetable Garden Edging Idea

vegetable garden edging idea

Traditional Garden Edging Idea

traditional garden edging idea

Garden edging themes and patterns vary according to the topography of a place, aptitude of the people and other objects around the garden. You may have different themes like Rock Garden, vegetable garden, patio garden and so on. People are quite experimental with garden edging ideas and come up with new designs now and often.

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