Formal garden designs are usually found in places which have some historical importance or in some parks. Formal garden designs give a classic feel and looks very sophisticated. In homes people do not prefer formal gardens as they are hard to maintain and require lot of space. You may also see Mediterranean Garden Designs

Traditional Formal Garden Design

traditional formal garden design

Awesome Formal Garden Design

awesome formal garden design

Formal Residential Garden Design

formal residential garden design

Design by Doering Landscape Company

Formal gardens are generally designed in the way of rows with different species of flowers in each. Another important thing which you can find in formal gardens is fountains, which are used to give water to plants and flowers in the garden. Another most important feature which you find in formal gardens is the foot light with each row of the garden. You may also see Tropical garden designs

Formal Garden with Pool Design

formal garden with pool design

Formal French Garden Design

formal french garden design

Formal Garden Landscape Design

formal garden landscape design

Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

Formal Flower Garden Design

formal flower garden design

Formal Raised Garden Design

formal raised garden design

Casa Smith Designs

Large Formal Garden Design

large formal garden design

Backyard Formal Garden Design

backyard formal garden design

Formal Gravel Garden Design

formal gravel garden design

Unique Formal Garden Design

unique formal garden design

This type of gardens looks classy and is highly maintained. People who have large amount of space go for this kind of garden designs. It is best to consult with professional designer before designing formal garden in your home, as the designers can give you the best suggestion regarding this.

Formal Garden with Water Fountain

formal garden with water fountain

Formal Garden Entry Design

formal garden entry design

Formal Garden Furniture Design

formal garden furniture design

Formal Garden Lighting Idea

formal garden lighting idea

Small Formal Garden Design

small formal garden design

Simple Formal Garden Design

simple formal garden design

Design by Dianne Muyskens

There are numerous designs available throughout the net from where you can choose from, if budget and space is not a concern for you, you can surely get it designed for your home too. Formal garden are a piece of statement and luxury. You may also see Succulent Garden Ideas

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