A square garden is functional, simple and easy to build. It is also a great idea to start with a square garden design for beginners. It looks pretty neat and is also one of the popular garden designs in most houses. Also you can break up a large space by making several small square green spaces which also adds a lot of beauty and appeal to the garden. You may aslo see rock garden designs.

Below is a list of beautiful square garden designs we present to you!

Small Square Garden Design Idea

small square garden design idea1


This is a small square garden design whose floor is made of gravel stone and has a square mini garden in the center with borders made of brick. The sides of this garden are also surrounded with greenery which adds a lot of freshness and appeal to the garden.

Square Vegetable Garden

square vegetable garden1


This is a traditional landscape in a square shape featuring raised bed vegetables in the garden. Organic soil was filled and the raised beds were built with the help of it. The garden has a traditional fencing made of bamboos and wires.

Square Courtyard Garden Design

square courtyard garden design1


This is a beautiful square garden design in a courtyard which is a formal courtyard and has been designed with a classic touch. The square garden in the center has greenery planted in square shape with some space left in the middle and again a square and so on. You may also see pebble garden designs.

Square Herb Garden

square herb garden 1


This traditional landscape in the backyard has a very large square garden which basically consists of herbs. The herb garden has a very interesting pattern which is a wheel pattern and also features white picket fence and clay brick walkways.

Large Square Garden Design

large square garden design1

Design by Remington Construction Services

This is a large traditional landscape garden in a square design. It is an amazing formal garden in the square shape which contains several colorful plants and flowers. It also features a stone pathway which leads to the fire pit.

Square Flower Garden

square flower garden1

Design by Saucier + Flynn, Ltd.

This is an awesome flower garden in square shape and has a traditional design located in the hilly area. It has a breathtaking view of the mountain region and with beautiful lavender flowers. This garden is neatly trimmed and maintained in square shape.

Contemporary Square Garden

contemporary square garden1


This is a beach style landscape located in the coastal area and has a large square garden right at the entrance of the house. The garden has white fencing with several greens planted in different layouts inside the square garden.

Formal Square Garden Idea

formal square garden idea1


This is yet another traditional landscape whose layout is of square shape where plants and greenery have been neatly trimmed in several shapes and placed inside this formal garden area. The garden has a brick stone walkway which is right next to the white gate.

Traditional Square Garden

traditional square garden1


This is a traditional landscape with boxwood landscaping in square shaped layout. The garden has wide gravel pathway which adds to the simplicity and formal appeal of the garden. The center of the square also aligns beautifully with the center of the house.

Square Backyard Garden Design

square backyard garden design1


This is a large family garden located at the backyard of a house with the square layout. The garden is wholly grassy and has sides with no grass steps in square which beautifies the garden even more. The garden also has one large tree to get some shade in during sunny days.

Asian Square Garden Design Idea

asian square garden design idea1


Decorative Square Garden Design

decorative square garden design


Square Structural Garden Idea

square structural garden idea


Square Garden Design Idea

square garden design idea


Private Square Garden Design

private square garden design


Mediterranean Square Garden Design

mediterranean square garden design


We have collected for you some of the best and most functional along with stylish square garden designs. If you are planning on building a garden from scratch or renovating a badly maintained garden, you can draw inspiration from the above square garden design ideas. We hope that these amazing designs with beautiful looking garden flowers will inspire you and help you in creating the best. You may also see succulent garden designs.

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