Gardens are designed with different features that can be decorative, functional or both. A trellis is a good example of a functional and decorative garden accessory because it is a framework that trains and supports different types of plants. You can make your shrubs and vines grow and form the way you like by having a nice garden trellis. If you want additional aesthetic appeal in your brick wall garden, you should take a look at these great samples of garden trellis ideas.

Vegetable Garden Trellis Idea

vegetable garden trellis idea
This trellis entrance is used to provide a nice entry design into the vegetable garden designed in raised wooden beds made of Cedar.

Bamboo Garden Trellis Design

bamboo garden trellis design
This simple garden has low vegetable beds with bamboo poles used as trellis for the plants to climb up during growth. The garden is designed so simply and the white picket fence matched the minimalistic approach.

Cottage Garden Trellis

cottage garden trellis
This cottage garden is designed to decorated this front lawn with lots of beautiful flowery plants. The garden entry trellis is home to pretty red roses while the rest of the lawn is filled with flowers of different colors. You can also see Spacious Cottage Garden Designs

Homemade Garden Trellis Idea

homemade garden trellis idea

Design by Avant Garden
If you want to make your own garden trellis, this one here is a good example. This kitchen garden has vegetable beds and the trellis allows them to grow further than they can from the beds. The trellis is very simple and it may not really be the decorative type, but the simplicity is just perfect for a homemade garden feature. You can also see Formal Garden Design Trends

Diy Garden Trellis

diy garden trellis
This garden has lattice garden trellis designed to act as support for the plants and additional decorative pieces for the setting. The dark color of the trellis provides a great contrast to the colors of the plants.

Wooden Garden Trellis Design

wooden garden trellis design
Having a pergola in the garden is like having a nice and relaxing contemporary garden shed where you can surely relax and enjoy your beautiful flowers and greens. The upholstered couch and chairs provide comfortable seating options.

Metal Garden Trellis

metal garden trellis
This wood and metal trellis design is ideal if you want to hide a not-so-pretty wall or fence. The trellis provides the best camouflage to just showcase the best of the garden like the rustic appeal of the bench and the random arrangement of the climbing plants.

Small Garden Trellis Idea

small garden trellis idea
For a small garden, a trellis in different levels provide a perfect support for vines and shrubs. The plants can grow depending on which level of the trellis they can placed. The wooden chairs add the relaxing appeal to this small garden setup.

Rustic Garden Trellis Design

rustic garden trellis design
This rustic pergola is a beautiful addition to this neat and pretty garden landscaping design. The plants are arranged so perfectly that the whole set up just looks so magnificent despite the simplicity.

White Trellis Garden Design

white trellis garden design
The bird fountain and the trellis used for this wonderful lawn provide the best decorations in this perfectly landscaped garden. The flowers are just so beautiful and the greens match them very well. The trees also add some interesting features, making this a really magnificent garden design.

Modern Garden Trellis Idea

modern garden trellis idea

Elegant Garden Trellis Design

elegant garden trellis design

Design by Joseph DeSciose

Unique Garden Trellis

unique garden trellis

Interior Garden Trellis Design

interior garden trellis design

Garden Trellis Furnished Idea

garden trellis furnished idea

Design by Arrow. Land + Structures

Farmhouse Garden Trellis Design

farmhouse garden trellis design

Design by Kimberley Bryan

Trendy Garden Trellis Design

trendy garden trellis design

Traditional Garden Trellis Idea

traditional garden trellis idea

There are several ways of decorating a garden while making sure that the plants are protected properly. Using garden trellis is one such way. It would be a good idea if you can use a trellis that would really match your garden designs and plants. If you have climbing plants like vines or rose shrubs, then you really need to include a trellis. Your pebble garden will definitely look fascinating when you have beautiful plants and well-accommodating trellis to support them.

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