Cactus plants have a certain degree of beauty and danger that make the most exquisite combination of flowers and thorns for a garden. They create a western ambiance that is wonderful for any homeowner’s garden. To get one of your own you can plant seeds or you can plant cuttings or get a stem from an existing cactus. Keep on reading to find out some amazing cactus Ggarden Designs that we have put together for you.

Indoor Cactus Garden Idea

indoor cactus garden idea

You can create an indoors garden that will bring nature in your house. Small round cactus plants can be planted in a variety of size that will make your space look livelier.

Cactus Rock Garden Design

cactus rock garden design

You can add a mystique tone to your garden by planting cactus. You can complete the look by placing sizable rocks among your cactus plants. This way you will be able to create an extraordinary setting that will be eye-catching.

Cactus Succulent Pots

cactus succulent pots

The combination of terracotta color with cactus plants is the perfect match for a western styled garden. You can achieve that by using flower pots in terracotta colors and plant a cactus in them. You can complete the style with a quaint garden furniture. This is suitable for patio gardens. You may also See Cactus Rock Garden Designs

Cactus Succulent Garden

cactus succulent garden

You can rock a cactus garden with rocks by adding a few succulent cactus plants. Cover the soil surface with pebbles or crushed a few rock chips. This will create an appealing setting for your outdoor area.

Outdoor Cactus Plants

outdoor cactus plants

Design by Annie Thornton

There is a great variety of cactus plants to choose from. You can create a synthesis of different cactus species that will bring the western style right in your backyard.

Cactus Container Garden Idea

cactus container garden idea

In your garden’s landscaping, you can consider using planters. Like this southwestern-styled garden, the homeowners chose these large black planters for their cactus plants. The different sizes and heights of the planters give a modern twist to the setting. You may also See Succulent Garden Designs

Frontyard Cactus Garden Design

frontyard cactus garden design

Design by Pascale Land Design

For your front yard, it would be best to choose flowering cactus plants. These will look perfect during the time they blossom adding splashes of color to complete your house’s exterior look.

Small Cactus Idea

small cactus idea

Build your own masonry planters and line them with stone tiles. You can plant small cactus plants for a tidy and still stunning effect in your garden. You may also See Mediterranean Garden Designs

Desert Cactus Garden

desert cactus garden

Design by imagine design & construction pty ltd

Bring the mysterious world of the dessert right in your garden. Use stone tiles to create paths among the plants. Plant cactus plants at different levels to create a charming and beautiful design.

Interior Cactus Container Garden

interior cactus container garden

Outdoor Cactus Garden Design

outdoor cactus garden design

Design by : Earth Art Landscape

Cactus Landscaping Idea

cactus landscaping idea

Cactus plants are not as needy as other plants. The amount of water and care they require is little and that makes them a perfect choice for homeowners that don’t have time to care for their gardens but still want them to look wonderful. Be aware that some have prickly thorns and aren’t suitable for kids. You can plant different sizes and species of cactus that will give you a great variety in your garden. You can create a synthesis of tall cactus plants with smaller ones. Create levels for your flower beds or use pots for planting.

Small Cactus Garden Design

small cactus garden design

Frontyard Modern Cactus Garden Design

frontyard modern cactus garden design

Design by : Identity Construction

Entryway Cactus Garden Design

entryway cactus garden design

Backyard Cactus Garden Design

backyard cactus garden design

All plants have their charm. Cactus plants have their own too. Some have thorns and some are edible. Their unique shaping along with their low maintenance make them the perfect for gardens located in harsh climates. Try out these cactus garden ideas and explore the wonderful world of cactus planting.

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