Garden apart from being a combination of wood, greens and colorful flowers luxury can be landscaped with a modern look and facilities with the help of aesthetic restructuring efforts.

Few of the below ongoing landscape garden design trends are worth trying.

1. Adding nature’s dimension

an impressive green vertical garden with tall pine trees and classic picket fencing also grassy field for great green landscaping design

Adding long trees in the garden can create a fascinating charm. Besides, short trees, plants, creepers and a number of cacti and other varieties can add a versatile atmosphere in the garden. The home gardens situated near river beds like in countryside can also help to imbibe the nature’s beauty and the scenic, breathtaking view.

2. Using DIY decoration techniques

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The pots for the plants can be painted in different lively designs and colors, besides some handicrafts which are rustic and traditional and sculptures can be kept in the garden pavements and garden print rugs can adorn the entrance of the garden to give a welcoming and homely feel in every season.

3. The pavement flooring and entryway designs

garden design with ornamental grasses and small swimming pool under tree

The stones and wood steps and flooring appear very tropical and also are trending for the pavements at the entry as well as in the garden interiors. The narrow pavements with the green plants and very neatly pruned grass shrubs on the sides can definitely leave the guest visitors awestruck and are enough to turn on the mood to be hale and hearty all the time.

4. The calm swimming pools and a fireplace

exclusive ultimate swimming pool designs with backyard outdoor fireplace homesthetics

The garden in the lawn can be a flawless adventure area for the whole family where it is possible to have a dip in the enchanting small swimming pools in one’s own garden. This can be coupled with the warm fireplaces or fire pit areas to create an exotic warm luxury for a perfect pool party.

5. The prolific lighting effects


The creative LED and laser light settings are not only visual delight but also are essential to prevent the gardens to become a horror house during the night. The pools, trees, pavement areas need to be sufficiently lighted.

6. Kids play area

timber decking deck paving pathway natural stone wall grass turf lawn landscaper children childres play area jungle gym feature garden landscaping company landscape gardener south london

If there are kids at home, the swings and see saw are a must feature in the garden. The kids can call their friends and have a good time safely without going anywhere outside being under the complete supervision of their parents.

7. The waterfalls, fountains and the jungle feel


Being in the nature’s lap is exactly the enigma which needs to be created in the garden. Apart from the perfect gardening skills of maintaining the correct seasonal plants, constructing artificial waterfalls and fountains surrounded by the rocky stones and flowers can definitely arouse a scintillating aura.

8. Rainwater harvesting areas


The rain water primary essential for keeping the garden fresh and green can be stored in a special harvesting zone sculpted in the middle or a corner of the properly manicured garden. This setting is welcoming in scarce water situations.

9. Romancing in the Hammocks

time to give your pool deck a cozy hammock corner

Couples can romance on the relaxing and beautiful double hammocks during the mornings and also in the evening garden visits. The peaceful time on the hammocks can remove all the everyday stress and tensions and make the people shift into another peaceful world.

10. Aesthetic seating arrangements


Comfortable seating in the form of sofas or chairs with proper cushioning of attractive and subtle colors with a center table can be the best for peaceful relaxed sitting as also for partying purposes.

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