A great landscape around your property is not just an incredible way of creating a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space but also increases the value of your property to a good extent. Depending on the availability of space and your neighborhood, you can choose you spruce up your front yard, backyards or the entre piece of available garden space.

It’s not just about hiring a gardener and investing in seasonal plants but some homeowners also establish unique outdoor fireplaces and pool spaces. Added to this, a good natural setting also attracts city wildlife including birds, squirrels, butterflies and much more around your property!

Backyard Landscape Designs

There are a whole lot of options when looking for the perfect backyard garden theme for your property. However, the first of things to consider would include climate, the variety of flowering/non-flowering plants, and the type of soil, the availability of water supply and such things. With the right maintenance, any backyard can become the most places inside a private property!

Small Backyard Landscape Design

small backyard landscape design


Diy Backyard Landscaping Design Idea

diy backyard landscaping design idea


Rectangular Backyard Landscape Design

rectangular backyard landscape design


Residential Landscape Designs

In modern times, most cities and residential neighborhoods are cramped for natural spaces. However, a good construction plan and an experienced landscape artist can always establish some fresh green patches. The goal ranges from a lawn to small flowering beds.

Modern Residential Landscape Design

modern residential landscape design


Residential Landscape Lighting Design

residential landscape lighting design


High End Residential Landscape Design

high end residential landscape design


Front Yard Landscape Designs

Generally, the front yard would be the space that you would want to keep clean, highly maintained and minimal. Even when looking to create natural settings, it would be advisable to invest in a landscape that undergoes minimal changes over a longer time period. Examples would include investing in tree saplings and creating a bamboo barricade.

Small Front Yard Landscape Design

small front yard landscape design


Tuscan Front Yard Landscape Design

tuscan front yard landscape design


Desert Front Yard Landscape Design

desert front yard landscape design


Pool Landscape Designs

This is again a situation where you would want to keep the surrounding natural cover to the minimal. After all, you wouldn’t want a snake to slither by when you are with your kids in the pool!

Inground Pool Landscape Design

inground pool landscape design


Tropical Pool Landscape Design

tropical pool landscape design


Spa Pool Landscape Design

spa pool landscape design


Tropical Landscape Designs

Tropical outdoor landscaping involves investing in a lot of colorful flowering plants and trees, establishing a tropical garden space thus take a considerable amount of time, but once establish, it would turn out to be the best investment you would have ever made.

Tropical Garden Landscape Design

tropical garden landscape design


Tropical Backyard Landscape Design

tropical backyard landscape design


Tropical Flower Garden Landscape Design

tropical flower garden landscape design


Garden Landscape Designs

Depending on the amount of available space, you can create a wide variety of garden landscape that includes everything from lawns, flowering bushes to small rock beds for water bodies and even natural looking waterfalls!

Small Garden Landscape Design

small garden landscape design


Home Garden Landscape Design

home garden landscape design


Rock Garden Landscape Design

rock garden landscape design


Diy Landscape Designs

Coming up with and maintaining a garden space could be the most exciting task that every member of the family can contribute to. If you research well, it’s not hard to create unique DIY landscape that becomes the centerpiece of attraction of your property.

Diy Front Yard Landscape Design

diy front yard landscape design

Design by Josh and Malissa McCulloch

Diy Garden Landscape Design

diy garden landscape design

Design by Remington Construction Services

Simple Diy Landscape Design

simple diy landscape design


Rock Landscape Designs

Rocks are another of such natural elements that completely change the look of the outdoors. Landscape artists spend a lot of time gathering the perfect pieces of rocks and combine them to create a variety of moods in a garden. The options range from a small forest to a waterfall!

Rock Wall Landscape Design

rock wall landscape design


Large Rock Landscape Design

large rock landscape design


River Rock Landscape Design

river rock landscape design


Urban Landscape Designs

Urban landscapes are largely limited to well maintain lawn spaces and a minimal row of seasonal flowerbeds. There is not much to do apart from regular watering and weeding.

Small Urban Landscape Design

small urban landscape design


Contemporary Urban Landscape Design

contemporary urban landscape design


Urban Garden Landscape Design

urban garden landscape design


Mediterranean Landscape Designs

Mediterranean landscapes are reflective of wide open spaces and the inclusion of a variety of natural elements in the setting. This includes the addition of rocks and water bodies along with the regular garden theme. Mediterranean landscapes are always luxurious and might even include fireplaces and shelter seating.

Mediterranean Front Yard Landscaping Idea

mediterranean front yard landscaping idea


Mediterranean Pool Landscape Design

mediterranean pool landscape design


Commercial Landscape Designs

Commercial spaces are always crunched for natural spaces. However, you can always choose to create natural patches, supported by artificial soil beds across the periphery of the property.

Modern Commercial Landscape Design

modern commercial landscape design

Design by Narofsky Architecture

Small Commercial Landscape Design

small commercial landscape design


Commercial Residential Landscape Design

commercial residential landscape design

Design by Southern Grounds Care

Zen Landscape Designs

Zen landscapes are supposed to be serene and create a mood of spirituality. As such, you will need to create wide open spaces, a soothing view and include all kinds of natural elements. This would be a perfect garden to do your morning yoga!

Modern Zen Landscape Design

modern zen landscape design


Zen Garden Landscape Design

zen garden landscape design


Zen Contemporary Landscape Design

zen contemporary landscape design

Design by brucele

Luxury Landscape Designs

Luxurious landscapes are always overwhelming with the sheer number of varieties in plants and natural elements. You can create it across the pool area or the wide open backyard. Well lit and perfect for private gatherings, it would be a garden where everyone comes together.

Luxury Home Landscape Idea

luxury home landscape idea


Luxury Outdoor Landscape Design

luxury outdoor landscape design


Farmhouse Luxury Landscape Design

farmhouse luxury landscape design


Hillside Landscape Designs

There is not much to be don when you have a home in the hill side, at least when it comes to outdoor landscaping. Just make sure that it is properly maintained and syncs with the beauty around.

Small Hillside Landscape Idea

small hillside landscape idea


Steep Hillside Landscape Design

steep hillside landscape design


Hillside Garden Landscape Design

hillside garden landscape design


Traditional Landscape Designs

Traditional landscapes have sort of a wild appeal to them. You can bring in a wide variety of plants and trees to create a diverse environment around your property. Traditional gardens are always close to the heart and would be a perfect space for every member of the family, including our kids and pets.

Traditional Home Landscape Design

traditional home landscape design

Design by Boldenow & Associates LLC

Traditional Garden Landscape Design

traditional garden landscape design

Design by Amy Martin Landscape Design

Traditional Japanese Landscape Design

traditional japanese landscape design


Cottage Landscape Designs

Cottages are again supposed to properties that are close to nature. As such, you will need to establish a lot of greenery around and invest in a wide variety of plants and trees. Overall, it should create a farm like mood – perfect to spend your vacations in.

Cottage Garden Landscape Design

cottage garden landscape design


Country Cottage Landscape Design

country cottage landscape design


Beach Cottage Landscape Design

beach cottage landscape design


Victorian Landscape Designs

Victorian landscapes have always been highly colorful and consequently, also demand a lot of investment. You will need to keep the garden fresh all throughout the year, across all seasons. Victorian gardens are also a great place to hold private parties and gatherings.

Victorian Front Yard Landscape

victorian front yard landscape


Victorian House Landscape Design

victorian house landscape design


Victorian Pool Landscape Design

victorian pool landscape design


Modern Landscape Designs

Modern day landscaping is all about keeping the green space trimmed and well maintained. Sprawling lawns, parks and flower beds in regular intervals would be a great way to start with. Modern gardens also limit the wilderness.

Modern Desert Landscape Design

modern desert landscape design

Design by Assemblage Studio

Modern Tropical Landscape Design

modern tropical landscape design


Modern Asian Landscape Design

modern asian landscape design


Slope Landscape Designs

Sloping outdoors give a perfect opportunity to landscape artists to create unique surroundings and use the natural environment to turn the property in something totally different. This is more prevalent around hilly areas and mountainous neighborhoods.

Steep Slope Landscape Design

steep slope landscape design


Sloped Backyard Landscaping Idea

sloped backyard landscaping idea


Desert Landscape Designs

As obviously understood, desert landscapes are perfect for drier environment. However, it does need to be all sand and dust. With the help of a good landscape artist, you can bring in several interesting varieties of cactus and even create rocky oasis beds for unique settings.

Backyard Desert Landscape Design

backyard desert landscape design


Front Yard Desert Landscape Design

front yard desert landscape design


High Desert Landscape Idea

high desert landscape idea

Design by Pascale Land Design

The best landscaping is all about understanding the local environment and syncing the space available at your end to make it a relevant yet unique setting. The work of a landscape artist will be limited to help you establish the mood and setting for the first time but it will be the job of the owner to adequately maintain the same. In most cases, it takes time for a proper outdoor landscape to be established.

If you are planning to work towards this end, research and read a lot of local flora, the ways to keep them healthy and the means to create a unique setting using the same natural elements available locally. Today, the internet would be a great resource to understand the best landscaping options precisely available for your neighborhood. In conclusion, we would like to say that it takes great care and dedication to come up with a fulfilling landscape design. We hope that the above examples have at least helped you narrow down the choices available at your end.

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