People who are fond of nature like to have a garden in the backyard or terrace of their homes. Although tastes of people differ a lot, a Moss Garden can turn out to be a beautiful asset. There are a number of contemporary houses where you will find the Rock Garden ideas, superbly incorporated in limited spaces. In case you long for such a garden, scroll down to find some of the best moss garden design ideas.

Miniature Moss Garden Idea

miniature moss garden idea

Photo By : J. Paul Moore Photography

Homes with shady landscaped areas look great when a little moss garden is designed under the shade of trees. Plant some bright evergreen shrubs around the grass walkway. Place some stones beside the walkway to get a stunning combination. The large trees also find a matching place in the garden.

Moss Rock Garden Design

moss rock garden design

Photo By : ZH Design

Rock gardens are beautiful, and when you have moss growing on them, you get a splendid look. You can use this idea to create a stunning front entrance garden. There are various small plants and weeds growing on the rocks. The decaying logs make it look naturalistic.

Indoor Moss Garden

indoor moss garden

Photo By : Siol

Indoor gardens can be made beautiful within a limited space. This gardening idea is ideal for the bathrooms, and when you light them up brightly, they look really graceful. The lime green accents are really a treat to watch. The white walls make the bathroom even more sophisticated. You can also see Garden Walkway Designs

Japanese Moss Garden Design

japanese moss garden design

Designed By : gracedesignassociates

If you happen to be a lover of scenery, you would like this moss garden idea. The garden is themed on a drying river bed, with a lot of rocks and pebbles around. A stunning beauty dwells within the garden. The garden bridge, made of stone, further enhances the beauty.

Traditional Moss Garden Idea

traditional moss garden idea

Photo By : Douglas VanderHorn Architects

A rustic mansion remains incomplete without the Traditional Garden in the space around it. There is a round central area with plants growing in it and this goes well with the brownish pavers in a walkway. There are beautiful beds for the plants to grow. This garden is ideal for growing vegetables.

Eclectic Moss Landscape Garden

eclectic moss landscape garden

Photo By : Kristen Rudger Landscape Design

This is an out of the box moss gardening idea. You can get a ground cover made of lush green creepers. There are other varieties of purple and red orchids growing in the garden. You can incorporate this idea to pave a backyard path of your house.

Rustic Moss Garden Design

rustic moss garden design

Designed By :

A Townhouse Garden craves for a bright look with seasonal flowers and occasionally vegetables. Get a fence around this moss garden to add to the beauty as well as security. This is the best place to enjoy a rose garden. Build a wooden gate to match the looks of the fence.

Midcentury Moss Garden

midcentury moss garden

Photo By : John Davies Landscape

Homes with a small patio in the backyard look great when the moss garden comes with a brown fence. There is a water area in the midst of the patio and the plants grow along the sides. Floating leaves in the water and the underlying moss forms a stunning combination.

Asian Style Moss Garden

asian style moss garden

Photo By : Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

Homes with spacious backyard gardens with gravels look elegant when there is a moss-covered patch in selected parts. Ornamental grasses grow in the garden, and there are short sitting areas there. Get some natural boulders to complete the royal look of the garden.

Mediterranean Moss Garden Idea

mediterranean moss garden idea

Designed By :

A luxurious private residence in the Mediterranean style looks great with lush green gardens. Landscaped features and walkways look sophisticated. Use white granite to pave the walkway. There are different hedges in the garden and you can maintain a formal look in this garden if you please.

Natural Moss Garden

natural moss garden

Photo By : Jay Sifford Garden Design

Moss Floral Garden

moss floral garden

Photo By : Outdoor Creations Landscape & Design Inc.

Moss Element Garden

moss element garden

Photo By : Le jardinet

Beautiful Moss Garden

beautiful moss garden

Photo By : Margie Grace - Grace Design Associates

Awesome Moss Garden

awesome moss garden

Photo By : Facciuto Landscape Design & Construction

Peaceful Moss Garden

peaceful moss gaerden

Designed By :

Simple Moss Garden

simple moss garden

Designed By :

Vintage Moss Garden

vintage moss garden

Designed By :

A Moss Garden is a beautiful asset to homes. You can choose your desired themes for these gardens. A Succulent Garden can really make your house look grand and naturalistic. So, make sure that you plant the trees and shrubs of your choice here. Apart from these ideas, you can come up with your own ideas. Let us know about your moss gardening ideas.

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