When you crave to have a perfect housing idea, there are some particular areas which you need to personalise according to your choice and aptitude. The floors are one of these aspects, and you can really have them matched up with the interiors of your home. The colour of the walls and ceiling, furniture, architecture and a number of related things determine the design of the floor. Here you will come across ten Minecraft floor design ideas and you will be happy to find some of them effective for your homes.

Minecraft Floor Patterns

minecraft floor patterns


You may like the linoleum inlay in your home. The Minecraft Kitchen floor design idea is a great one for people who like black and white polygonal patterns on the floor. This floor design goes well for narrow passages in the kitchen, between the cabinets and other furniture. A cream-white light will yield the desired beauty of the floor.

Entrance Minecraft Floor

entrance minecraft floor


The floor at the entrance of your home has to be elegant and this will amplify your refined taste. This looks like a hardwood floor and is ideal for office lobbies and basements. These are also customised for trendy home-offices, where there is a lot of glass in the room, with sophisticated walls and ceilings.

Minecraft Floor Crafting

minecraft floor crafting


You may like the black and white square tiles combination for your kitchen or laundry room. Granite slabs with white-based or cream walls will go well with this kind of flooring. This will also serve well as a bar counter design.

Minecraft Floor Rug

minecraft floor rug


You can make your sitting room really happening when you incorporate a floor-forest in your room. This is actually a floor rug, designed with seamless elegance and made to look like a forest. The forest pattern, with trees and roads depicted in the design, is really an out of the box design idea for you to apply.

Cool Minecraft Floors

cool minecraft floors


If you want to experiment with the entrance of the mansion, you can try out this river-rock idea. The pavers are geometrically positioned in a particular pattern. In between the pavers, you may place a few moss-colored stones and this will make the beauty more pronounced.

Japanese Minecraft Floor

japanese minecraft floor

Design by : Jonathan McGrath Construction, LLC

The Minecraft Bathroom flooring idea is something that brings a sheer blend of elegance and refined taste to your mansion. The floor is typically designed like a vintage stone one, with royal golden-yellow walls. Lantern-like lights and large mirrors in the well-lit room lives up to the classy expectations. You can also see Bathroom Tile Floor Designs

Minecraft Floor Carpet

minecraft floor carpet

Design by : Alexander Johnson Photography

The popular paint colours like orange, red and green can be incorporated into the floor of your house. The square pattern of the floor with the right interplay of colors is ideal for children’s room. The vibrancy of the floor is really appealing. It goes well with white-based furniture and walls. You can also see Colorful Floor Designs

Minecraft Floor Lights

minecraft floor lights

Design by : Jill K. Greene - Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

When you have fluorescent lights with black matt-finished floors, you can go for this design. Place bedroom lights and black cabinets along the sides of the narrow corridor-like area. The tray ceiling pattern is perfect to match this setting.

Minecraft Kitchen Floor Design

minecraft kitchen floor design


You may love the combination of white kitchen walls and grey floors. The Minecraft Kitchen floor idea brings you a sophisticated look in the spacious kitchen, with booth table and white cabinets. A white ceiling with circular lights delivers a refined taste to your room.

Minecraft Redstone Floor

minecraft redstone floor


Sophisticated wooden tables with shiny steel cabinets are compatible with this particular kitchen floor. This is suited for the bar-kitchens and suites well in rooms having a white ceiling with skylight. The brown-based ethnic tiles on the floor make the room gorgeous.

Minecraft Bedroom Flooring

minecraft bedroom flooring


Minecraft Flooring Carpet Idea

minecraft flooring carpet idea


Minecraft Basement Floor Idea

minecraft basement floor idea


Mincraft Wall Art Floor

mincraft wall art floor


Minecraft Themed Floor Bedroom

minecraft themed floor bedroom


Exterior Minecraft Floor

exterior minecraft floor


Exterior Minecraft Carpet Floor

exterior minecraft carpet floor


Best Backyard Minecraft Floor

best backyard minecraft floor


Minecraft Garden Floor

minecraft garden floor


The flooring ideas are vast and varied and are subject to person-to-person customisation. You need to consider your color and texture preferences when you go for flooring ideas. When perfectly incorporated, your floors can make the rooms really cultured. You are free to share your ideas with us.

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