You can be quite imaginative while designing your bedroom theme. When you look out for a perfect Minecraft Bedroom or a bedroom customised for kids, you can try out various star wars bedroom ideas for the rooms. These might vary with the architectural and interior features of your house. Here are ten vibrant Star War bedroom themes that you might find interesting.

Small Star Wars Bedroom

small star wars bedroom

You may fancy a look in your bedroom that resembles another planet. You can install a model of a star ship in the room. This can turn out to be your bed, with pillows and other bedding accessories placed on it. Choose a space-like terrain for the background wall. The wall cabinets are placed near the ceiling and customised to give your room a perfect thematic attire.

Lego Star Wars Bedroom Idea

lego star wars bedroom idea

If you want some of the Star Ward characters to be a part of your room, you can go for themed wallpapers or acrylic paintings. With grey walls in the room, the images of space and other characters look matching when you choose the blue color. Get a wooden bed with a bed cover printed with a Star Wars theme. You can also see Decorative Dream Kids Room Designs

Boys Star Wars Bedroom

boys star wars bedroom

When you choose the Star Wars theme for boys, you can for a double-decked bed if necessary. Opt for the black and white colour combination in this room. The black frame of the bed goes well with the matching ladder. You can create the visual effect resembling space in the upper part of the room and ceiling.

Star Wars Bedroom Accessories

star wars bedroom accessories

The right choice of bedroom accessories is important. So, when you have a centrally positioned bed in your room, you can achieve a symmetrical look in your bedroom with two identical table lamps on two sides. Get a small leather sofa on one side and a floor mat beside the bed. Place matching accessories on the blue walls to make the look complete.

Star Wars Kids Bedroom

star wars kids bedroom

Kids are fond of vibrant wall colors. When you get the bedroom personalised for kids, you can use white bold letters on a deep blue background to write the letters. Grey bedroom furniture and accessories go well with this setting. You can also place a small staffed toy on the floor to personalise the room for kids.

Modern Star Wars Bedroom

modern star wars bedroom

In case you have the desire to live up to the latest trends of bedroom designs, go for a vibrant black and blue combination for the room. The Star Wars themed wallpapers go well with the double-decked beds. You can strike the right color contrast by painting the bed frame in black. The single bed also has black frames and blue bedcover. Place a model of a character in the corner to make the looks complete.

Star Wars Themed Bedroom

star wars themed bedroom

In case you have grey walls with a white ceiling in your room, you can opt for different Star Wars accessories. Place the models of the characters on the head board of the bed. Brown furniture goes well with the grey walls and white ceiling in the room.

Diy Star Wars Bedroom Idea

diy star wars bedroom idea

When you gave a spacious double-bed room with slanting walls, the best option is to go for the cream and grey color combination. The gray bed covers go well in this setting. You can inscribe the images of different Star Wars characters and themes the walls.

Tiny Star Wars Bedroom Design

tiny star wars bedroom design

If you have a small room to customise, you can deliver a rustic attire to it by going for a wooden floor and matching furniture. The deep blue curtains and gray walls look contrasting. Incorporate suitable texts from the movie and portraits to get a compatible theme in the room.

Star Wars Unique Bedroom Design

star wars unique bedroom design

Dark Star Wars Bedroom Design

dark star wars bedroom design

Trendy Star Wars Bedroom Design

trendy star wars bedroom design

Star War Bedroom Lamp Idea

star war bedroom lamp idea

Attractive Star War Bedroom Design

attractive star war bedroom design

Amazing Star War Bedroom Design

amazing star war bedroom design

Apart from these, there are various other star wars bedroom ideas like Boho Bedroom and Disney Themed Bedroom that you can incorporate in your home. When you customise the rooms, make sure that the furniture, lighting and wall colors complement each other. In case you install different models, you need to look into the compatibility with color variations. You can be innovative and come up with your own Star Wars bedroom design ideas.

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