Hanging or swing beds are a super cool addition to your house which may be placed in the backyard, patio or deck or somewhere inside your home. Well, it’s time you bid goodbye to beds that sit on the floor and welcome to the ever stylish and classy hanging beds which can be an amazing piece of décor inside of your home. Below we have collected for you a list of awesome hanging bed designs as follows: You can also see Hide Away Bed Designs

Outdoor Hanging Bed Design

Outdoor Hanging Bed Design oldhampshiredesigns.com

This is a unique hanging bed design which is placed in the outdoors and which is not very high but slightly elevated. It lets you enjoy the breathtaking view of the outdoors. The bed has a rustic look with rough cut beams and is finished with wood floors.

Round Hanging Bed

Round Hanging Bed Design by Francis Sinclair

This is a very cute round hanging bed which is ideal for spending romantic afternoons. It is not exactly indoors but it also contains enough privacy to enjoy a cozy cuddly evening with your loved one.

Hanging Swing Bed Design

Hanging Swing Bed Design pennimanarchitects.com

This is a hanging swing bed which is very slightly elevated and hangs on the rope and chain which looks very trendy. It is a beautiful looking porch with its own hanging swing bed design which also features a large window for enjoying the view outside

Hanging Loft Bed

Hanging Loft Bed loghomesofamerica.com

This is a hanging loft bed inside a rustic themed bedroom which hangs on ropes. It is a double bed suspended from the ceiling which allows for a unique experience. The bedroom features a big wide window where the outside view can be seen.

Wall Hanging Bed

Wall Hanging Bed vintageporchswings.com

This is a unique hanging bed which hangs on the wall with the help of ropes. It has a pretty addition which is a barn door. The bedroom also features wooden shelves which are easily accessible.

Nautical Hanging Bed

Nautical Hanging Bed mradesign.com

This is a Greek inspired beach bedroom which hangs on the ceiling with golden ropes tied on all four sides. The theme of the bedroom is blue and white and is located by the sea which gives beach vibes.

Hanging Bunk Bed Idea

Hanging Bunk Bed Idea mihomes.com

This bedroom is rustic, contemporary and fun and the bed is a hanging bunk bed where the ropes hold the bed and that supports the nautical bedroom theme. The wall features the word EXPLORE that adds a funky feel to this rustic room.

Rope Hanging Bed Design

Rope Hanging Bed Design annebeckerdesign.com

This is a beautiful bedroom in beach style with hanging ropes fixed on the wall. The bedroom is contemporary with a touch of funky style which includes colorful throw in pillows and blanket in bright pink color which is perfect for teenage girls.

Wooden Hanging Bed

Wooden Hanging Bed circainterior.com

This is a beautiful rustic porch featuring a hanging bed suspended from the ceiling and is made of chains. The flooring is hardwood in a dark color and has the awesome scenery outside. The blue color mattress matches well with the wooden exteriors.

Dark Hanging Bed Idea

Dark Hanging Bed Idea visbeen.com

This is a contemporary kids’ bedroom which is a double bunkers bed and hangs with the support of chains. The bunk beds are custom made and the room is pretty spacious, modern and looks great. The room has a beautiful décor in gray and brown which adds to the warmth and intensity of the room.

Beach Style Hanging Bed Idea

Beach Style Hanging Bed Idea teamaubuchon.com

Exterior Hanging Bed Idea

Exterior Hanging Bed Idea momslandscaping.com

White Hanging Bed Design

White Hanging Bed Design laylagrayce.com

Industrial Hanging Bed Room Design

Industrial Hanging Bed Room Design bellavici.com

Hanging Bedroom Design

Hanging Bedroom Design bangtel.com

Wall Hanging Kids Bed Idea

Wall Hanging Kids Bed Idea mihomes.com

Modern Hanging Bedroom Design

Modern Hanging Bedroom Design Design by Borges Brooks Builders

Interior Hanging Bed Design

Interior Hanging Bed Design thepioneerwoman.com

Hanging beds are perfect to be placed outdoors and are a perfect way to welcome the summers. They are very trendy, stylish and have a nice swingy effect to it which makes it a hit among the kids and teenagers. They make for a perfect spot for enjoying cozy evenings with the special ones. It’s time to say goodbye to conventional beds and welcome hanging beds!

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