The black and white combination has been an evergreen favorite of homeowners worldwide because of its ability to bring a sophisticated charm to any room in the home. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as the default combination. Planning to renovate your house, the bedroom can unquestionably be the best space to bring in the neutral color palette for fostering a relaxed ambiance. If you have nearly given a nod to neutrality, we have today compiled a list of 10 black and white bedroom examples to bring the elegance while also nurturing a good night’s sleep.

1. Contemporary Style Bedroom

contemporary style bedroom


If you have a plain white wall at the back of your bed, adding a featured black artwork or frame is the way to go. Extend further on the look with a line sketch rug, low stencil bed joins and sleek modern lighting for a complete contemporary appearance.

2. Dramatic Bedroom

dramatic bedroom1


This bedroom is almost like a stage, with a raised platform and solid black box frame and mirrored writing. The low height bed coordinates with the look of black Roman blinds. Minimally decorated, the Led lighting adds the missing character to the bedroom.

3. Textured Bedroom

textured bedroom


Texture act as the prime focal point in this black and white bedroom. With a geometric patterned wallpaper complementing the quilted duvet, the look of the room comes out glamorous and modern. The tassel hanging lighting and alternate blinds highlight the detail of the block furniture.

4. Classic Bedroom

classic bedroom

Sometimes even little things can complete the look of the bedroom. The hanging sketches, black mannequin and a striped rug add the flavor and personality to space without being too under or overwhelming for the eye.

5. Artistic Bedroom

artistic bedroom

Wood by its raw and natural texture blends well with the monochromatic tone. This black and white wooden bedroom uses the natural element in the bed frame, side chest and feature art piece. The look of wood is beautifully matched with black and white bedding and a white picture frame.

6. Experimental Bedroom

experimental bedroom

The abstract doesn’t always have to be colorful or vibrant. A black feature wall with an abstract art print, boxed white furniture and sleek grey bedding turns around the complete setup of the room.

7. Scandinavian Style Bedroom

scandinavian style bedroom

This Scandinavian style bedroom combines black, white with grey, wood and glass. This distinct bedroom incorporates all with a beautiful high styled ceiling that looks down on the room.

8. Japanese Style Bedroom

japanese style bedroom

You can even bring a Japanese look to the bedroom with a futon in a monochromatic shade. With narrow and sleek white and black textured wall, the cylindrical and bauble lighting create a dim and relaxing ambiance in the space.

9. Varied Style Bedroom

varied style bedroom


A monochromatic style bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be black and white. Play around with the neutral variations by adding a touch of grey and other endless textures. A liner style ceiling drop lighting and alternate white and grey curtains help to break the monotony in this neutral bedroom.

10. Multi-Hued Bedroom

multi hued bedroom

With a black and white backdrop, this bedroom adds the perfect multicolored hue with the rug, indoor plants and neatly organised books. Wooden floor, side tables and sleek white chair bring a touch of sophistication to the place.

Add a classic touch to your home with these sophisticated style black and white bedrooms that are capable of adding an elegant and relaxing touch to your space.

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