It’s quite fascinating how different people perceive black and white color palettes in immensely different styles. To some, it’s simply getting rid of any impression of color from the room while for some it’s adding two of the boldest, elegant colors around. Black can be unexciting and white can be mind-numbing, but their classic combination is an ageless duo that is always exciting and trendy.

The utter glamour and modest class of black and white color palettes is just indisputable. For a home office, black and white seems to find a perfect balance between formal and cozy settings. One way of achieving such a balance is by using appropriate artwork, framed photos and wallpaper.

Black and white Home Office with Striped Ceiling

modern black and white home office with striped ceiling

Contemporary Home Office with White Armchair

contemporary home office with white armchair

Photo By: Tim Lee

Transitional Home Office with White Storage Cabinets

transitional home office with white storage cabinets

A gallery wall full of black and white photos, prints or artwork is perhaps one of the easiest and most ideal ways of decorating your home office without necessarily disturbing the room’s color scheme. Such a style adds theatrical stylishness to the space, giving the room an instantaneous focal point.

Small Home Office with White Bedboard Wall

small home office with white beadboard wall

White Modern Home Office with Glass Desk

white modern home office with glass desk

Home Office with Black Walls and White Table

home office with black walls and white table

Photo By: J&C Photography

Home Office with White Walls and Black Furniture

home office with white walls and black furniture

White and Black Wall Design for Home Office

white and black wall design for home office

Black and White Furniture Idea for Home Office

black and white furniture idea for home office

Awesome Home Office with Black and White Wood Design

awesome home office with black and white wood design

Eclectic White and black Style Design of Home Office

eclectic white and black style design of home office

Black Cupboard with White Wall Office Design

black cupboard with white wall office design

Black and White Cool View Home Office

black and white cool view home office

Soft White Painted Idea for Home Office

soft white painted idea for home office

Home Office with White Furniture

home office with white furniture

Home Office with Custom Privacy White Screeen

modern home office with custom privacy white screeen

Photo By: Courtney Blaymore

White Paint Wall with Black Carpet in Home Office

white paint wall with black carpet for home office

White Home Office with Black Furniture Design

white home office with black furniture design

White Paint Home Office Wall Design

elegant white paint wall home office design

Black and White Bedroom Home Office Idea

black and white bedroom home office idea

Photo By: Sherwin Williams

Stylish Contemporary Home Office

stylish contemporary home office

One impressive thing with black and white is that it gives your home office a touch of beauty regardless of the style chosen. From a simple backdrop, to a chic white desk, to a black chair and a couple of cabinets matching the hue, you can easily attain a uniquely captivating black and white home office design.

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