A simple spread of fabric over the window panes not just helps to filter the light entering the room but also creates a soft ambience that brings warmth to space. If you want to revamp the look of the curtains in your home, but the fabric of your choice is coming heavy on the pocket, these 9 style tips will help you transform the look of your usual curtains into something more fancy and vivid.

1. Tie and Dye Pattern Play

tie and dye pattern play

If your space lacks some fun and personality, draw it with your curtains. Bring out the simple solid white curtains and fold and dip the edges in denim Rit dye to come up with an interesting and individual pattern that is equally unique and fresh for a casual style decor.

2. Luxe Look

luxe look

Bring in a touch of luxury with gilded curtains. The look is effortless and easy. All you need is to create a horizontal pattern on the top using gold leaf. The look comes out even more classy and refined on a solid black curtain.

3. Dramatic Curtain Rods

dramatic curtain rods

It is not just the curtains, the dramatic look of rods can also help to extend a stylish touch to space. Go for a lucite rod with stylish brass center posts to make the rods act equally decorative as the curtains themselves.

4. Stencil Panels

stencil panels

If you have complete floor length curtains, stenciling an intricate pattern on the edges or bottom gives the subtle design a pop without being too overwhelming in the room. The look of pattern comes out even more exquisite on sheer fabric curtains.

5. Unique Curtain Tie

unique curtain tie

Just like curtain rods, curtain ties can also make the regular curtains look minimally elegant. Go for a customised style with brass hook and rope curtain ties. The look is simple and will instantly enhance the look of the plain curtains.

6. Tasselled Curtain Tie

tasselled curtain tie

This tassel style curtain tie is another option to opt for transforming the look of the standard curtain. Go for the colour that compliments the shade and style of your curtain. This could be one thing that completes the look of your curtains.

7. Lace Trim Curtains

lace trim curtains

If you are looking for something minimal and thoroughly creative, try and add a lace trim to the bottom of the curtain. The lace panels grazing against the floorboard will give a decorative and glamorous touch to your room.

8. Metallic Curtains

metallic curtains

If you are one of the many who has been swayed away by the love for metal, adding a touch of metallic to your curtains is just the way to go. Cut out the pattern of your choice from gold heat transfer vinyl using a Silhouette machine or just simply cut the silhouette with scissors, either way, the look comes out unconventional and jazzy.

9. Bold Tie and Dye

bold tie and dye

Another design choice for dip-dyed effect is to dip the bottom quarter of the drapes in bright ink and go for a shibori-inspired look. The colour with its energy and vibrancy can instantly transform the look of the house.

Whether you plan to detail your curtain with ink, lace, pom-pom or metallic sheet, keep the look original and experimentive for adding the missing flavour to your space.

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