Whether you live in a personal self-owned apartment or a rented one, the appearance of plain walls is always a boring sight. If you have just moved in an apartment and are looking to change the dull visual appeal, we have the 10 best fuss-free transformations you can add to your home for bringing vibrancy and personality to your space. With the added advantage of portability you can shift the pieces, if and when you plan to move out.

Woven Bohemian Additions for Your Home

1. Removable Wallpaper


Removable wallpapers are by far the best way for renters to spruce up the look of the walls in their home. Easy to apply and remove, these wallpapers are availble in a multitude of colours and patterns and are the effortless styles to bring a complete change to the appearance of the wall.

2. Add a Curtain


If tapestry is not your style, you can go ahead by stringing a curtain against your wall in the bedroom. With the countless choices available, these curtains whether in contemporary or modern tone will surely enhance the diverse style and decor of your home.

3. Create a Shelved Gallery Wall


Shelved gallery wall creates the best floating storage space in your home. Affixed to the wall, the shelves don’t take up much space in the room and are also a trendy option to decorate and display multiple sizes of frames and artwork in your home without drilling new holes for every piece.

4. Add a Statement Artwork


You don’t necessarily need an expensive artwork to really make an impact. Pick a painting or a sketch work of your choice and frame it in a decent looking lightweight poster frame. Even simple wooden bars on the top and the bottom end of the painting can do the job if placed well.

5. Include a Mirror


A big framed floor mirror can not only be placed easily in the room without nails and screws but also it creates a brighter effect in the room by reflecting the natural light.

6. Bring the Outdoors Inside

bring the outdoors inside1


Go green, by decorating the walls of your room with your favourite houseplants. You can either hang the pots in plant hangers or collectively place them on shelves to bring an environment-friendly upgrade to your space.

7. Paste a Decal


Wall decal stickers are being loved by everyone this season, whether it is the animal print, quotes or huge motif floral prints these decals are easy to apply and remove and also help to bring an instant transformation to your space. Easy to move, these stickers are definitely hassle free and available in numerous sizes and patterns of your chocie.

8. Play With Neon


If you are not into artwork or modern contemporary decor elements neon sign boards can be a perfect eye-catching statement piece to design your wall and home with.

9. Get Organised Creatively


Being organised with the drawers and cabinets placed against your wall is a must considering clutter brings delay in planning and output. From corkboards to calendars to notebooks get the things organised to stay in style as well as order.

10. Hang a Map

hang a map

hang a map

A simple addition like a big map can bring a vintage upgrade to your space. Maps are best to match any style of decor and would serve the purpose of unconventional and evergreen artwork. You can even flag the places you have travelled which in turn might just give you the push to stop procrastinating the long-awaited trips and explore the world.

Bring a major transformation with minimum effort with these hassle free wall pieces. Get inspired and decorate your living space with ease and style.

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