With the cities going crowder and the apartment spaces going compact and smaller, big city dwellers are always looking for ways to maximise the living space while keeping in coordination to the trending design.The general notion that modern design always needs to be grand and luxurious is undoubtedly a schemed myth. A subtle and classic style can equally make the look of your home well endowed. Isn’t it truly said that good things come in small packages?

Today, we are going to discuss 10 ways how you can maximise the bedroom space in your home with simple easy design tweaks.

1. Light and Bright

bright bedroom design

If you are looking to easily enhance the space in your small bedroom, one way to do so would be with the maximum inclusion of colour white. White helps to reflect light and brighten the space in your room. To avoid boredom with neutral, include layers and different textures to bring some personality to your space.

2. Make Use of Corners

make use of corners

Make use of the corner in your bedrooms to utilise the provided floor space. This will not just help to give you an illusion of extended area but will also create a sleeping area that is a lot cosier. Add a creatively designed headboard to give a finished and polished look to your home.

3. Simple and Elegant Bed Frames

elegant bed frames

Avoid using the bulky bed frames as they can be overbearing for the eye and also make the room feel congested and smaller. Opt for simple frames with subdued tones to give an airy, elegant and simple design upgrade to your space.

4. The Look of Minimum

minimum bedroom accessories

As, in a small area, the focus lies on the biggest piece ( i.e. the bed) so, ensure to keep all the other accessories and furniture pieces to a minimum. Make use of built-in storage and wall units to avoid exceeding over the floor area.

5. The Effect of Mirrors

small bedroom mirrors

Mirrors are by far the best accessorising piece for your compact homes, they help to create an illusion of a bigger room. Positioning the mirror in the way of the light coming through the window is the best way to boost the presence of natural light in the space.

6. Storage Space Under the Bed

storage space under the bed

Double up space under the bed as a storage unit. If installing a fancy and modern storage unit is not fitting your budget, you can try and include milk crates and other woven baskets to style up the look with minimum expenditure.

7. Enhance the Vertical Space

enhance the vertical space

If you have limited floor space but comfortably higher ceilings in your bedroom, try adding a loft for your sleeping area with storage or seating underneath. This layout can help transform the room while bringing in some and flavour to your area.

8. Include a Wallpaper

bedroom patterned wallpaper

Add a large-scale bold patterned wallpaper on one wall to coordinate the look of your bedding and accessorising pieces. This helps to convert the dull look and make the appearance interesting and unique.

9. Add Floating Shelves


Right from the nightstand, entry table, bookcase to even a laptop desk, a floating shelf can offer multiple uses. This one simple adjustment/ installation can help to change the look completely while serving multitude purposes.

10. Small Wall Storage

small bedroom wall storage

Try and include small wall storage spaces, preferably in the shape of small square boxes to bring in some individual spirit to your home. The inbuilt wall storage can also help to bring a depth to your space by giving the illusion of wall appearing farther with the hollow dimension.

Upgrade and extend the space in your bedroom with these simple and affordable design tricks and enjoy the most of your living space.

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